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We all know that the production of high-demand, disposable products that are used all the time in our daily lives can bring good profits. Disposable tubes for drinks, which the “AFEX-GROUP” team brings to your attention, are also among the products in high demand. Such tubes are widely used in cafes, bars, restaurants, especially fast-food chains, and at home. Such tubes are a good helper especially for our mothers. Because for children, eating milk products and juices in such tubes is one of their favorite pastimes. Also, in persuading our children who refuse to drink milk products, juices and other types of drinks, our mothers will be helped by various colored, comfortable and eye-catching tubes.



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This line consists of the following parts


The extruder is designed for the production of tubes of all types, one and two colors. The dimensions of the tubes can be changed by changing the dies in the extruder. Also, the extruder has a device for cooling and cutting to the required size using a water tank.

Produced China
Year of manufacture 2019
Model AF-ML12
Raw material type PP
The tube is diametric F 3.0-f12mm
Tube thickness 0.10-0.35mm
Productivity 400-1800 units/minute
Voltage 380V50Hz
Electricity consumption 16 sq/h
Size 8000x1200x1600mm
Weight 2100 kg




The straight tubes coming out of the extruder are bent using the bending equipment. The purpose of bending the tubes is that it is more convenient to drink in such tubes. There is an automatic counting function.

Pipe bending equipment
Produced China
Year of manufacture 2019
Model AF-ML21-5
Productivity 250-280 units/minute
Automatic counting function There is
Automatic stop function There is
Voltage 380V50hz
Correct tube length 190-260mm
The length of the bent tube 175-245mm
Electricity consumption 1.5 sq/h
Size 1200x1600mm
Weight 1000 kg



After bending in the bending machine, the tubes are placed in the packaging equipment with high quality and speed. The equipment is designed for packing tubes in bulk. Paper or bags can be used for packaging. The device also has an automatic counting function. Of course, since tubes are considered a single-use product, packaging is important.

Packaging equipment
Year of manufacture China
Model 2019
Productivity AF-ML31
Automatic counting function 350-450 units/minute
Voltage There is
packaging 380V50Hz
Package width Paper or package
Electricity consumption Paper 25-33, package 25-60
Size 1.5kw/h
Weight 600 kg



Now you can easily take your product to the market. May he give his blessing.

Extruder 17000$
Pipe bending equipment 13300$
Packaging equipment 9500$


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