Production line for cakes and jams


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Hello dear customers of AFEX-GROUP. We will continue to offer you mutually beneficial and profitable business equipment. Our next production line will be equipped with the same equipment. The equipment is produced by a factory of the People’s Republic of China, which has been working for many years. First of all, let’s have general information about the production line.


Out of stock

General information

Production volume: 100-200 kg/hour

Product weight: 10g – 100g

Molds: 100 on request

Number of employees: 2

Voltage: 380V 50Hz

Total capacity: 70 kw/h

Equipment list

  1. Dough mixer
  2. Pouring equipment
  3. Rotary oven
  4. Equipment for filling the interior
  5. Cooling and sterilization equipment
  6. Packaging equipment

Production process

Now let’s get acquainted with the production processes of the equipment one by one.

Mixer equipment

First of all, you need a mixer to prepare the dough and caramel parts to start work. Our mixer equipment in this line is made of stainless steel and can be used in various fields and purposes.

Mixer     equipment
Boiler capacity 60L
Capacity 100kg/hour
Voltage 380v50hz
Power 3kw
Rotation speed 74,141,277
Weight 420kg
General dimensions 610*650*1360mm


Pouring equipment


The turn has come to the most important stage. This equipment pours our prepared dough into dessert molds. The equipment has the functions of adjusting the speed and the amount of pouring.

Pouring equipment
Casting weight 5g-100g
Speed 10-20 times/minute 9600-14400 times/hour
Voltage 380V50Hz
Power 1.5 KW
Mold tray size 400*640mm
Weight 400 kg
General dimensions 2400*980*1460mm


The equipment has different molds. Special molds are also made according to the customer’s request.

Rotary oven


The rotary oven serves to cook any confectionery products at a high temperature and evenly. By rotating the products placed inside the equipment, heat reaches all parts well and gives the expected result.

Rotary Oven
Capacity 100 kg/h
Cooking duration 15-30 minutes
Temperature range 20-300 C
Voltage 380V
Power 56kw
Weight 100 kg
General dimensions 2400*1800*2500 mm


Internal filling equipment

This equipment is used to fill cakes with special caramel, cream, chocolate, and jam. The automatic computer control system in the equipment makes it easy to control the process and change the settings.

Filling equipment
Filling weight 3-15g
Voltage 220m
Power 1,5kw
General dimensions 2400*980*1460mm
Mold tray size 400*600mm
Weight 380kg


Cooling and sterilization equipment

Sterilization is one of the main tools of the baking production line, which has compact structure, fast movement, convenient operation and other unique features. After filling the cake, the warranty can be extended if the sterilization bacteria is destroyed. Then the product is transported to the package for packaging. Both devices are made of stainless steel.

Cooling and sterilization equipment
Voltage 220v50hz
Power 0,75kw
Weight 350kg
General dimensions 10000*750*900mm


Packaging equipment

We prepare our finished products for sale with the help of packaging. We can use different types of film in the equipment. Package sizes can also be changed.

Horizontal packaging equipment
Speed of operation 40-230 pieces/minute
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 1.7 KW
Product height 70 m
The length of the package 90-230mm or 180-1350mm
The width of the package 40-175mm
Size 3770*670*1459mm
Weight 550 kg


With this, the production processes will come to an end. Our products are ready for sale.



Mixer $ 4 600
Pouring equipment $9 700
Rotary oven $10 400
Filling equipment $9 700
Cooling and sterilization equipment $6 900 
Packaging equipment $6 700 
Molds $2 000 
Total $50 000


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