Automatic ice cream production line


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Ice cream is one of the most common products around the world. Different types of this product can be found in any part of the globe. For example, in the first half of 2021, 643.9 tons of ice cream and ice cream products were imported to our country from 11 countries. These statistics alone show that the demand in Uzbekistan is high.

AFEX-GROUP company offers entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan one of the most profitable businesses – an automatic ice cream production line. With the help of the line, you can make different types of ice cream – chocolate, 3-layer, fruit and many other types of ice cream. Below you can get acquainted with the general information about this production line.


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General information

Production capacity 6000 units/hour
Production capacity 150 kw/h
Required field size 170-200 sq. meter
Number of workers 06.июл
Number of molds Based on the order


Equipment list

  1. XGJ-6 Ice cream production equipment set
  2. Freezing equipment
  3. Water conservation equipment
  4. Packaging equipment

XGJ-6 Ice cream production equipment set

General technical parameters of the equipment:

Speed 6000 units/hour
Mold rows 165
The number of molds in a row 6
Max internal dimensions of the mold: 160*58*32 mm (length*width*thickness)
Freezing capacity 100 KW
Steam capacity 60 kg/h
Location dimensions 13.5*2.2*2.4m (length*width*height)
Total weight 8 tons


The kit includes the following equipment:

1. Stainless steel (SUS 304) main equipment body frame

2. Ice water filling device

3. Ice water suction device with vacuum pump and milk pump;

4. Jam/jam/syrup filling station

5. Ice cream filling machine with ice cream container

6. Automatic ice cream cone filling station

7. Water tankers 3 pieces (two for cleaning, one for freezing)

8. Chocolate tanker with pump (200L)

9. Stainless steel molds, mold plate SS304 and SS316

10. Internal extractor for ice cream sticks controlled by PLC and touch screen

11. Chocolate dipping equipment

12. PLC and touch screen control (Siemens)

13. Electrical parts (Schneider)

14. FESTO pneumatic valve

15. FESTO brand cylinder

Freezing section

This part consists of 2 main pieces of equipment. The first is a 75 HP Bitzer compressor (water cooled). Including a condenser up to 40C. The second is a salt water tanker (with pumps and shafts).

Refrigerant R404A
Evaporation temperature 40°C
Condensing temperature -45 °C
Power 51.8 sq
General dimensions 3.5*2.1*1.85 m (length*width*height)
Weight 3 T


Packaging equipment

Max packet width 450 mm
Max packet cutting length 95-350 mm
Product length 20-130 mm
Power 380V 4kw
Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 5050*960*1550 mm
Speed 30-180 pieces/min


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