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AFEX-GROUP company offers modern equipment necessary for the production of Bonell mattresses, popular and popular in our country, to start mattress production.


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Bonell mattress production technology

In the production of bedroom furniture, mattresses made of traditional soft steel wire elastic springs are becoming more modern in terms of design. Production of products includes the following general work processes. Bonell mattress manufacturing processes begin with spring production and assembly. Then, the surface of the mattress is made of fabric combined with fabric and synthetic fiber. At the last stage, depending on the type and purpose of the combined spring block and the mattress, various fillers (foam rubber, latex, fabric waste, thermal felt, etc.) are prepared for the surface part, and the side part is combined with hardened fabrics and brought to the state of the finished product. .

Required raw materials:

Jacquard woven synthetic or cotton fabric; homeland; spunbond; strap; paralon or polyurethane foam.

High carbon steel wire with a diameter of 2.2 mm and a thickness of 5-6 mm.

Necessary infrastructures to start the activity:

Required area; Should not be less than 120 m².

Electric energy; 19 KW/220 and 380 V.

Number of workers; 8-12 people.

Equipment needed for this activity:

1. Bonell spring equipment.

2. Bonell spring assembly equipment.

3. Zigzag equipment.

4. Dimension cutting equipment.

5. Frame bending equipment.

6. Pneumatic clamping equipment.

7. Tape sewing machine.

8. Computer bladder machine.

9. Connecting sewing machine.

10. Air compressor.

Bonell spring equipment

Bonell spring equipment – The equipment has the ability to automatically make, weld, and cut springs. Depending on the diameter of the steel wire, it can be adjusted from 1.8 to 2.5 mm. The equipment has a production capacity of 55 pieces of bonell springs for 1 minute.

Technical indicator
Diametric of steel wire 1.8-2.4 mm
The outer diameter of the ring 65-85mm
Spring rate 80-200mm
Production speed 55 springs/min
Spring rotation 4-8
Voltage 380V
Power 4.5KV
Size 2280*1100*1660mm
Weight 1100 kg




Bonell spring harvesting equipment

Bonell spring assembly equipment – In the equipment, bonell springs are manually placed in a specially designated part, and then automatically coiled with steel wire.

Technical indicator
Spring width 2 m
Diametric of spiral steel wire 1.3-1.6mm
Spring length 80-220mm
Wire diameter 1.8-2.5mm
Voltage 380V
Power 4.5KV
Size 3100*960*1900mm
Weight 950 kg


Zigzag equipment

Zigzag equipment–the equipment works on the technology of automatic non-stop wire unwinding, forming and winding. The diameter of the steel wire is 2.5- 4.3 mm, and the wire is bent to form a zigzag appearance.

Technical indicator
Spring width 45-70 m m
Diametric of spiral steel wire 20-50mm
Diametric of the spring wire 2,5-4,3mm
Opportunity 38-180 hills/min
Power 380V50Hz
Size 1340*720*1900mm
Weight 800 kg


Equipment for cutting to size

Sizing equipment – this equipment straightens and cuts steel wires with a diameter of 3-6 mm. This equipment also has the option of automatic non-stop operation in fixed sizes. In the equipment, the wires cut to size are processed in the frame bending equipment.

Technical indicator
Frame length 7800mm
Wire diameter 3-60mm
Voltage 380V 
Speed 1400 rpm
Power 4kv
Size 1460*495*1335 mm
Weight 675 kg


Frame bending equipment

Frame bending equipment – this device bends the side frames that support the mattress in the specified dimensions to form a frame. The equipment works with air cylinders.

Technical indicator
Wire diameter 3-5 mm
Air pressure 1.0 MPa
Frame width 800-1800mm
Frame length 1800-2300 mm
Opportunities 1000 pieces/hour
Size 2500*700*700mm
Weight 200 kg



Pneumatic clamping equipment

Pneumatic clamping device – a device that connects the carcass part with concentrated bonell springs, with special clamping details. The equipment works with an air compressor. In the production of bonell mattresses, this equipment completes the production processes of products with steel parts.

Technical indicator
Opportunity 40-50 pcs
Gross weight 4.03 kg
Net weight 3.3 kg
Size 410*210*90mm


Tape sewing machine

Ribbon Sewing Machine- The side fabrics connecting the upper and lower parts can be combined with ribbons or other types of fabric to create a new design. Machine sewing can be done automatically without interruption.

Technical indicator
Knitting width 10(14.20)*4.8(6.4)mm
Side fabric width 100-360mm
Sewing speed 10-14.4m/min
Voltage 380V
Power 0.58KV
Size(L*W) 3200*1600mm
Weight 520KG

Computerized bladder machine

Computer-aided sewing machine- This sewing machine automatically executes the sewing work specified on the basis of the drawing created by the computer. Bonell is adapted to the production possibilities of mattresses.

Technical indicator
Length 2-7mm
Needle speed 500-2500 needles/min
Speed 2000 rpm
Stitch size 2.0*2.2 m
The size of the fabric 2.3*2.5 m
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Power 1.5KV
Size 2800*2900*1400 mm
Weight 700 kg


Joint sewing machine

Connecting sewing machine – a modern machine that sews upper and lower seams with a special tape. This machine can be adjusted to a size of 26 cm.

Technical indicator
Range 260 mm
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Size 1930*1500*800mm
Weight 464 kg


Air compressor

Air Compressor – Auxiliary device for frame bending equipment and pneumatic crimping equipment.

Technical indicator
Pressure 0.8 Mpa
Cylinder(diametric*quantity) 90mm*3
Gas volume 250L
Packaging size 1630*670*1150mm
Gross weight 320 kg
Net weight 270 kg
Tension 380V
Power 7.5KV
Size 1530*520*1130


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