Fully automatic aluminum foil container packaging equipment


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The equipment is 20-999mm long, and can realize the features of automatic lubrication, automatic self-maintenance and automatic self-control of all parts of the set with a fully automatic operation system.


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Nowadays, the demand for disposable containers is increasing day by day in our country. Along with plastic containers, the demand for aluminum foil containers is also increasing. In addition to being convenient to use, aluminum foil containers are popular because they can be reheated and do not emit toxins. By starting this business, you can work in cooperation with food delivery points, and depending on their demand, you can also make the top cover from aluminum foil or paper cardboard. In foreign countries, hot food is not placed in PS, PP and PE containers, aluminum containers are used instead. Over time, this norm will also expand in us. Our company AFEX-Group will continue to offer you equipment for the production of demanding products that are expected to increase in demand in the future. Let’s get acquainted with our today’s line:



The fully automatic production line includes: decoiler and lubricator + servo drive unit + high precision forming machine + automatic stacker + waste metal collector.

Mold types:

Lubrication with a separate type of decloir and equipment NC taminot system

NC machine control system parameters

Part names Parameters
The maximum diameter of the package 1000mm
The inner minimum diameter of the package 80mm
The maximum width of the package 750mm
Maximum package weight 500kg
Taminot part working speed 10-30m/min 
The length of the taminot part of the equipment 20-9999mm
Taminot part performance accuracy +/-0.2mm
Motor power 2KW
Voltage 380/220V
Equipment weight 800kg
External dimensions 1200*1400*1100mm


The equipment is 20-999mm long, with a fully automatic operation system, all parts of the set can realize automatic lubrication, automatic raw material supply part, automatic optical inspection features, which is accurate positioning and automatic adjustment range. provides The device has the precision of self-control and even oil coverage. This equipment works with high precision and low waste, which allows you to get the most out of your raw materials. Our equipment is easy to install, has a simple control system and low noise. It is an ideal automatic machine for aluminum foil and is a great machine for paper and other metal rolls. It also guarantees the success of your project.

Hardware parts:


Model (45ton) Classification
Nominal pressure 450kn
Slider stroke power 220mm
Slider shot in one minute 30-70 times
The maximum height of the mold set 450mm
The slider adjustment part 60mm
Sizes of the slider bottom 340*410mm
Sizes of a toothed punch 50*60mm
Amplifier dimensions 800*900mm
Total power consumption 5.5 kw
Weight 5000kg
External dimensions 1600*1100*3200

Auto stacker (equipment for stacking manufactured products) (optional)

Part names Parameters
Conveyor width 550mm
Conveyor belt height 92025mm (height can be adjusted as desired)
Minimum dimensions of the container 100*100mm (sizes can be customized later)
Maximum dimensions of the container 500*300mm


Maximum mounting height 420mm (it mainly depends on the dimensions of the container)
Needs air 0.2m kub min 
Hardware power consumption 3 kw
Weight 1000kg
External dimensions 2800*780*1500mm

Waste collector system (optional)

Function: As part of the production line, the collector plays an important role in this. Its main function is to collect excess aluminum foil. The vacuum adsorber collection system collects the waste in a box and then compresses the aluminum scrap into balls.

Product Features: It uses a vacuum adsorb collection system, which is easier to collect the foil. Low noise. To reduce noise pollution, knife and flat cutter are used to cut materials.


Screw compressor (optional)

Part names Parameters
Gas volume 3.6 m3 per minute
Pressure release rate 0.8 MPa
Maximum release pressure 0.8 MPa
Power consumption 22 KW
Input power ratio 8.1 KW (m3/min)
Nominal speed 2949 r/minute

Container stamp mold (optional)


Mold life: 10000000 times.

Please note: the price of the mold depends on the size of the container. Special prices will be calculated according to your sample or drawing. Thank you for your attention!

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