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Eco bags are eco-friendly non-woven 100% polypropylene (Spunbond) colored material. It is completely chemically safe and therefore environmentally friendly. Spunbond bags completely decompose within 1-3 years, the product is durable and reusable during the shelf life, and is a cheap and effective promotional product.


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Advantages of eco bags:

  • The material is durable: they can carry loads weighing up to 15 kg.
  • The products are waterproof and breathable, they can be washed many times and the color will not lose brightness.
  • Spunbond bags can withstand temperatures from -55 ⁰C to +130 ⁰C.
  • It does not emit harmful substances and gases during decomposition.

Required raw materials:

  • Non-woven spunbond fabric in roll form.

Products that can be produced on the line:

  1. Box-shaped bag with handle
  2. Bag with ribbon holder
  3. T-shirt shaped bag
  4. Bag with handle
  5. Special drawstring bag (for shoes)

Necessary infrastructures to start the activity:

  • Required area: should not be less than 80 m².
  • Electric power: 24 KW/380 V.
  • Number of employees: 3 people.

Main technical indicators:

Delivery roller width 1250 mm
Production speed 40-100 pieces/minute
Pack width 100-800 mm
Package height 200-580 mm
Package holder length 380-600 mm
The width of the package holder 25-30 mm
The width of the bottom and side of the package Maximum 180 mm
Electric voltage 380 V
Total power 24 sq
Overall size 12000x2600x2000 mm
Total weight 5100 kg


Line advantages:

  1. Built-in PLC control system, touch screen.
  2. Automatic counter, stop when the set amount is reached.
  3. The operation stops automatically when the photocell marks are observed and the material runs out.
  4. High voltage static processor and automatic constant temperature control system.
  5. Automatic web guiding system and magnetic vacuum cleaner for manual use.
  6. This equipment provides ultrasonic welding such as bagging from all sides, bottom and side sealing.

Line drawing

The main equipment in the line:

  1. Raw material delivery equipment
  2. Equipment for folding into special shape.
  3. Multifunctional shaping equipment
  4. Holder cutting and gluing equipment.
  5. Equipment for gluing and cutting the sides of bags.
  6. Bag opening device.
  7. Flexographic printing equipment
  8. Electric control box

1 Raw material delivery equipment

The delivery equipment delivers the raw material from the roll to the line. Delivery is done automatically. The equipment has an automatic stop system. A 1.5 kW motor is installed on the equipment.

2 Equipment for folding into a special shape

In the equipment for folding into a special shape, the raw material from the roll is folded at both ends and glued. At the next stage, the raw material is folded into two layers.

3 Multifunctional shaping equipment

This equipment forms the bottom and sides of the bag. The material passes through a special loop to form the bottom part. The equipment leaves a special mark on the material to form the side part of the bag. In this equipment, bags can be formed in a simple or box shape. A pneumatic device is installed so that the material moves uniformly through the equipment.

4 Tape holder cutting and gluing equipment

In this equipment, the tape-shaped material is cut into holders of the required size. The cut holders are automatically glued to the bags. The length of the handles can be changed according to the requirement.

5 Equipment for gluing and cutting the sides of bags

In the first part of the equipment, semi-finished packages are glued by heating the side parts. In the second part, the packages are cut to the required size.

6 Bag opening device

In this equipment, the holder is opened by punching the bag. The equipment cuts D- and V-shaped holders. A tape holder is not required when using this equipment.

7 Flexographic printing equipment

Specially designed for printing words and trade marks on polypropylene bags, paper bags. The equipment has a simple 2-color structure, easy operation and maintenance, high precision automatic counter and photoelectric function. The equipment has a production capacity of 1500-3500 pieces per hour.

8 Electric control box

Video from the production process


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