Insulating XPS panels production line

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AFEX-GROUP continues to provide new and modern production lines. Using the equipment of the next production line, entrepreneurs can produce xps foam foam. Below you can familiarize yourself with the general information of these devices.


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About the product

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is a lightweight and flexible insulating rigid foam that resists water absorption, making it a good choice for a number of construction and commercial applications. XPS panels are used for a variety of purposes – wall and ceiling insulation, room cooling, under concrete slabs (i.e. under parking lots) and even for architectural purposes.

Residential insulation: between walls, for internal parts of balconies and roofs.

Roof Insulation: XPS insulation can be placed on top of the roof or as interior insulation.

Agriculture: XPS panels can be used as roofs, ceilings or interior walls for poultry houses, mushroom farms and factories.

Temperature maintenance: used in cool rooms, cold storage floors and refrigerators.

This product is one of the energy-saving products. Due to the fact that the production process requires less energy than other types of products, it emits less harmful gases to the environment. Due to this, the emissions to the environment can be reduced by up to 25%. It is up to 40 percent more efficient at trapping heat and cold when used for homes and buildings.

XPS panel applications


General information

  1. Production volume: 400-600 kg/hour
  2. Density: 26-45 kg/m3
  3. Finished product width: 600 mm
  4. Length of finished product: 1200 mm
  5. Finished product thickness: 20-100 mm
  6. Product composition: PS, foam chemical, foaming chemical, masterbatch and other substances (according to demand)
  7. Total power: 200 kw, 380V 50Hz
  8. Compressed gas consumption: 1.5 m3/min
  9. Water consumption: 15m3/hour
  10. Required area size: 70*10m*6m (length*width*height)

Equipment list

  1. Five-station raw material mixing system
  2. System of twin-screw extruders
  3. Raw material measuring part
  4. Second single-screw extruder (with static mixer)
  5. Temperature control part
  6. Calibrator
  7. Cooling parts
  8. Milling equipment
  9. Alignment-transmission equipment
  10. Cutting equipment
  11. Control point

Now we can get acquainted with the technical parameters and production stages of all the equipment.

Five-station raw material preparation system

In this part, one of the main equipments – stainless steel was used to make the silo. There are also 2 GPPS vacuum delivery units to deliver raw materials to the mixer.

With the help of 5 stations, 400-1000 kg of raw materials can be melted and ready for production in one hour.

Twin screw extruders

The most basic equipment of the production line is, of course, extruders. With the help of extruders, ready raw materials are melted and the product is released. The line uses a 2-stage, i.e., two-screw extruder.

Motor AC motor Siemens
Power 132 sq
Screw size F 75mm
Barrel material 38CrMoAIA
Cooling method Through water

Raw material measurement system

This production unit consists of several pieces of equipment. The most basic equipment is pumps, which measure and deliver the required amount of raw materials to you. Pumps are made of 38CrMoAIA metal with high hardness and will serve for many years.

CO2 pumps

Power 7,5 kw
Capacity 15-75 L/h

Butanol pumps

Motor 5,5kw
Pressure 50mpa
Capacity 72 L/h


Ethanol pumps

Motor 2,2kw
Pressure 50mpa
Capacity 32 L/h



Single screw extruder

Type Single screw extruder Single screw extruder
Screw diameter F200 mm
Screw material 38CrMoAIA
Motor 90kw AC motor
Static mixer DG200



Total power 11 sq
Dimensions 1000*1500 mm (length*width)
Heating Aluminum contours
Lifting weight 5 tons
Speed 19 m/min


Corner cutting equipment

Type Electric saw
Engine power 7,5kw
Cutting dimensions 600-1200mm


Corner processing equipment

Working width 550-650mm
Working thickness 20-120mm


Surface treatment equipment

Model FN-600
Working width 550-650mm
Working thickness 20-120mm
Total power 12kw
Blade size Ф 160*1260 mm
Accuracy level 0,2mm


Basic cutting equipment

Working thickness 20-100 mm
Working width 600-1200 mm
Working length Longer than 1180 mm
Accuracy level 1-2 mm
Motor 4kw servo motor


Horizontal processing equipment

Working width 600mm
Working thickness 20-120mm
Slot width 15mm


Electronic control point

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