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As the days begin to heat up, people’s demand for cooling products (ice cream, soft drinks) increases sharply. Here, one of the great types of business for our young entrepreneurs is the bulk ice cream business. Although this business is seasonal, it is a very profitable business. With this business, you can easily work 7-8 months in a year. No one denies that the ice cream business is one of the most profitable businesses, and this indicator will guarantee you a return of up to 300% of your bet. Most importantly, you have very little risk. Starting any business is primarily based on risk, considering that in this business, the amount you bet at risk is small and you can quickly sell the equipment to someone else even if you cannot pay it. Young entrepreneurs who are just entering the business are first of all afraid of losing their funds. Our AFEX-GROUP company has selected for you the best quality milling machine with an imported compressor among more than 30 manufacturers, fully compatible with our climatic conditions, which can be used outdoors on hot summer days. What makes our ice cream maker different from other equipment?


Out of stock

  • Works at 220v 50hz voltage. (This allows you to work anywhere and save your power consumption costs)
    Full stainless steel body, that is, it is made of completely stainless metal, which provides you with a long service life and the parts are not subject to corrosion.
    Control system with LCD panel (allows you to monitor the entire process on the screen)
    On special order with installed PRE-COOLING system. This system is very necessary in our climate, that is, through this system you will have the opportunity to cool the compartment where the milk mixture is stored. This, in turn, eliminates the risk of nausea in the compartment from hot days. In some cases, it is heard that someone is poisoned by ice cream, but you do not have such fainting spells.
    With the help of Easy Move, that is, special wheels, you can move the equipment from one place to another without the help of others.
    Italian ultra silent compressor – this compressor is responsible for the quick preparation of your ice cream and powerful cooling system. Also, this compressor works on R404A freon, which is considered to have the least negative impact on the environment. When the compressor is running, its noise is almost inaudible.
    Some customers complain about the rubber seals due to the wear of the equipment over time. Taking into account your request, we will provide spare parts free of charge.
    The special ice cream scoops are made of SS304 stainless steel instead of the usual plastic. This is free from negative consequences such as yellowing and brittleness on hot days.
    The user manual in English can be a close assistant for the buyer to make light adjustments on his own.

Muzkaymok milling equipment
Produced China
City Shanghai
Model AFX-25L ICM
Speed of operation 25 L/HOUR
Voltage 220V50Hz
Power consumption 2.2kw/h
Weight 130 kg
The size 540*780*1500mm
Freon type r404a
Material Ss304 stainless steel

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