Waffle production line


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The demand for food products in Uzbekistan is increasing. We can show the reason for this is the increase in the number of the population and the increase in the income of the population. In this place, as the offers on the market increase, the level of competition is becoming more difficult.

The demand for pastries and sweets in the markets of Uzbekistan remains high. AFEX-GROUP also offers a wide range of equipment in the food industry. We will start production of waffles with the help of this equipment.


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General information

Production capacity: 2500 kg/day

Total power: 120 KW

Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

Total line weight: 12 tons

Number of workers: 4-5

Total area: 18*8*4 (length*width*height)

Equipment list


A. Baking oven

B. Refrigeration equipment

C. Floor picking equipment

D. Cream spreading equipment

E. Vertical cooling section

F. Cutting equipment

G. Wafer separating-breaking equipment

H. Dough mixer

I. Mixer for cream

Now let’s get acquainted with the technical parameters of the equipment and the production process.


First of all, we start the production process with a mixer. The mixer has automatic delivery and mixing systems. The equipment is made of metals that meet international standards and uses 1.2 mm SUS 304 stainless steel.

Mixer 95L
Continuity of mixing 5-10 minutes
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power 3.75 sq
General dimensions 1300*660*930 mm
Weight 200 kg

Cream mixer

A cream mixer mixes sugar, butter and other products according to the recipe. The equipment is made of metals that meet international standards and uses SUS 304 stainless steel.

Cream mixer
Mixing capacity 95 L
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power 4kw 
General dimensions 1370*710*1400 mm
Weight 700 kg


Electric oven

The oven, of course, is the most basic equipment of this line. The fact that the oven is of high quality plays an important role in the quality output of the final products. The electric oven has the following features:

  1. All parts of the oven have heating circuits. Because of this, all parts of the oven heat up at the same time. Due to the use of high-quality metal, the equipment retains heat well.
  2. Small volume. The equipment is very different from the furnaces on the market, especially in terms of size. Its compact size can produce the required temperature and quality.
    The number of colips 27
    The size of the culms 470*325 mm
    Error rate 1S
    Waffle block thickness 2.5-3.2 mm
    Initiating coleops Automatic
    Voltage 380V 50Hz
    Power 86 sq
    General dimensions 5540*1560*2320 mm
    Weight 9100 kg


Cooling conveyor

The function of this conveyor belt is to cool the wafers. You can see the working process in the following video.

Cooling conveyor
General dimensions 2400*730*1360 mm
Power 1kw
Weight 130kg 


Cream spreading equipment

Spread the prepared cream on each sheet.

Cream spreading equipment
Power 3,05 kw
Number of beds 2,5
General dimensions 330*930*1230 mm
Weight 850kg


Conveyor belt

The equipment delivers wafers to further cooling and cutting equipment. Dimensions: 1150*700*950 mm.

Cutting equipment

The equipment can cut all required sizes without any difficulties.

Cutting equipment
Max. cutting height 55mm
Min. cutting height 20 mm
Power 0,75 kw
General dimensions 1740*2000*920 mm
Weight 500 kg 


Grinding equipment

When we cut the wafers, lumps and excess parts are formed. The equipment shreds them and makes them usable again.

Grinding equipment
Power 1,1 kw
General dimensions 680*540*1200mm
Weight 150 kg


Packaging equipment

We prepare our finished products for sale with the help of packaging. We can use different types of film in the equipment. Package sizes can also be changed.

Horizontal coding equipment
Speed of operation 40-230 pcs
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 1.7 sq
Product height 70mm
The length of the package 90-230 mm or 180-1350 mm
The width of the package 40-175 mm
The size 3770*670*1450mm
Weight 550 kg



Cream mixer
Electric oven                                                            $105 4000
Cooling conveyor
Cream spreading equipment
Conveyor belt
Cutting equipment
Grinding equipment                    $ 19500*2 $39000



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