Cream pouring equipment is pneumatically controlled


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Cream pouring equipment is an advanced technology equipment that can pour cream accurately and automatically.

The equipment can be used to fill bread, cakes, eclairs, cakes and other desserts with cream.

Cream pouring can be applied to a wide range of products by changing the head of the equipment.

Equipment for burning cream
Voltage 220v 50hz
Power consumption 0,375 kw
Capacity 20l
The size 400*300*640 mm
Weight 25 kg



A special hose for the dispenser

The length will be 1 meter.

Single-head pouring accessory

Two-head pouring accessory

Cream decorator

With this device, the cream can be made to look beautiful. Used for birthday cakes, cupcakes and a wide variety of desserts. This will help make the product more affordable and give the dessert a more beautiful look.

Accessory for applying cream to a flat surface

Price list:

Equipment for burning cream 2700$
Special hose for dispenser 200$
Single-head burning accessories 80$
Two-headed grilling accessory 150$
Equipment for applying cream to a flat surface 100$
Cream decorator 120$
Total 3350$

Equipment operation process:

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