Special paper cones production line for textile and spinning


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Paper cones are a convenient solution for storing and using threads. Cones serve to keep the strands comfortable and compact, so that the strands do not tangle.


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General information

  • Production speed: 50-60 PCs / min
  • Total kW: 51.3 kw
  • Wrapping equipment: 13.6 kw
  • Storage equipment: 8 kw
  • Drying equipment: 29.7 kw
  • Number of workers: 4-5 people

Types of paper cones and their description

Standard types of paper cones

  1. Paper cone 420
  2. Paper cone 557
  3. Paper cone 151

Drawing of the standard type of paper cones

Automatic paper cones production equipment

This equipment consists of several stages. The first to be delivered to the equipment is raw materials, a situation that is achieved in automatic revs. In the Keyiing stage, a colored pattern is omitted for the three parts of the cone. After that, the raw material is transferred to the cutting part and cut to the desired shape and size. Glue (clay) is poured into the cut raw material. In the next step, the equipment wraps the cartons to form the desired shape.


Produced China
Voltage 380V
Total capacity 13.6 kv
Production speed 50-60 PCs / min
Finished product weight 30-70 gr
Steering wheel PLC management
Clamping style 2-way gluing
Hardware basis Polat ramali construction
Extension mode Gear and chain transmission
Equipment size 5850x2000x2100 mm
Equipment weight 4000 kg


Automatic paper cones drying equipment

Produced China
Voltage 380V
Total capacity 29.7 kv
Speed 45-65 PCs / min
Heating configuration Electric heater air oven
Equipment size 7500x3000x1040 mm
Equipment weight 2500 kg


Cone bleaching equipment

Produced China
Voltage 380V
All-union 7.25 kv
Speed 55-60 PCs / min
Equipment size 2150x2710x1430 mm
Hardware turn 1570 kg




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