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We all know that children’s corn sticks are one of the fastest growing products in the market. With just 4 pieces of equipment and raw materials, it’s no wonder your business can flourish. We present to you the production line of corn stalks, which is one of our customer products.

One of the advantages of this line is that it is possible to find consumers in each region, and because of the inconvenience of long-distance delivery, it is appropriate to organize production in each region. The reason is that sweet corn stalks, which are light but large in size, take up a lot of space during transportation, and as a result, the price of the product differs sharply in regions far from production.

Our equipment used for the production of products is manufactured on the basis of high technological stages – the automated control system, the use of stainless steel in all parts guarantees that it will serve our entrepreneurs for many years.

The main reason we are encouraged to start this business is that we have the opportunity to find all the raw materials needed for the production of products in our local markets. On average, 1 kg of corn can produce about 20 packages. That is why it proves how profitable this industry is.


Out of stock

The total cost of this line is about $17,300 (Crushing Equipment: $1,400 + Extruder: $13,800 + Drum: $1,400 + Packaging Equipment: $700).

Reminder! The above prices are as of 06.11.2018 and are subject to change.

Payments can be made through an account number in our national currency soum, corporate cards of entrepreneurs, foreign currency account number, international payment cards.

Buyers receive their equipment from the warehouse of “Afex-Group” LLC in Tashkent, and our company undertakes free delivery of your equipment and raw materials to any region of Uzbekistan.

(Installation costs are paid separately by the buyer)

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