American (caramel) popcorn production equipment


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Caramel popcorn has become popular in Uzbekistan in the last five years, but for everyone it has already become one of the most bought and loved products. There is no specific season of demand for this product. Popcorn is eaten both in summer and winter.

American (caramel) popcorns are available in chocolate, vanilla, fruit and other varieties.


1 in stock

Produced China
Energy type Gas and electricity
Tighten up 220V
Gas type Propane / Methane
Material Stainless metal
Production speed 20 kg/hour
Type Semi-automatic
Size 1600*520*870mm
Weight 80 kg


Features of the equipment:

  • Equipped with a stirrer to add flavor to every piece of popcorn.
  • The pot of the equipment has a bending feature so that it is easy to get ready popcorns.
  • The equipment has a sieve to separate unripe corns and other unwanted objects. Excess bodies are collected in containers under the sieve.
  • The burner is equipped with an automatic ignition device.

Additional equipment:

  • Large stainless steel mixing paddle
  • A small shovel made of stainless metal for handling corn
  • Plastic containers for pouring caramel and other liquids
  • Mini transformer
  • Plastic boxes for collecting waste and excess liquids
  • Device for lighting the burner (lighter)
  • Gas hose
  • Gas reducer



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