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Our people have been glorifying bread since time immemorial. Bread is one of the national values of the Uzbek people. It should also be noted that technologies and developments have entered every field. We hope that the following equipment will contribute to the development of bread production.


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Dough mixing equipment

So, first of all, we need a dough mixer. We can offer you the dough kneading equipment (mishalka) pictured above. The technical parameters of the equipment are presented in the following picture.

Dough kneading equipment 60L (PLK control system)
Produced China
Voltage 220V50HZ
Speed control in 2 steps
Power consumption 3 kw/h (copper coil motor)
Capacity 60 L
Cocoon material SS 308 stainless steel
Dough proofing speed 12 min
flour capacity 25 kg
Dough capacity 35 kg
The size 910*570*1090 mm
Weight 180 kg

Dough proofing cabinet

In our country, usually, bakers leave the dough in open conditions, that is, they do not use any equipment. This equipment is capable of kneading your dough with high quality in a short time. The process of kneading the dough takes an average of 25-30 minutes, and during this time you will have time to prepare the dough again.

Dough proofing cabinet
Produced China
Voltage 220V50XZ
Speed control Automatic under PLC control
Power consumption 2,5 kw/h  
Capacity 32 pads
The size 1010*670*1895 mm
Weight 60kg%
Temperature 40C
Shine 80-85 humidity

Bread press forming equipment

We have also reached the most basic equipment of our production line. The principle of operation of the equipment is as follows: ready-raised dough is placed from the upper part of the equipment. The equipment itself throws dough of the specified weight in a round shape. Then the mold press in the equipment spreads the dough. Here it is appropriate to mention some information. With the help of the equipment, you can produce bread of different thicknesses. You can add your brand or various information (name, phone number) to the template. This means that each piece of equipment is individual. The press molds in the equipment can be changed. It does not require much effort.



Press-forming equipment
Power 2kw
Voltage 220V
Equipment weight 300kg
Equipment dimensions 1450*720*1700mm
Production volume 100-3600 units/hour
Colips Can be changed

Here it is appropriate to list one feature of the equipment:

If you add other parts to the equipment for an additional fee, you can put other products in the bread. For example, you can prepare bread with meat and mint. The functions of the parts in the pictures placed above are as follows.

Equipment for kneading dough $ 1400
A dough-proof cupboard $ 800 
Equipment for bread pressing $ 4500
Additional mold $ 700
Total (without extra mold) $ 6700


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