Wooden briquettes production line


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Wood briquettes are compact fuel vehicles that are produced by compressing wood, wood scrap (opilka) or other wood waste without the addition of astringents. They have a high density and contain little moisture, which ensures effective and long-lasting combustion. Wood briquettes are an environmentally friendly type of fuel that is widely used as an alternative fuel source in home heating, energy production and various industries.


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General information

Required area: 40 sq / meter

Energy type: electric

Voltage: 380V

Power consumption: 37 kw

Number of workers: 2 or more

Additional equipment: Air replacement system or whistle

Wood grinding equipment

This equipment serves to grind products such as wood and board and bring it to the state of wood scraper (opilka).

Producer China
Voltage 380V
Capacity 15 kw
Production speed 300-500 kg / h
Equipment weight 1365 kg
Equipment size 1690x750x1100 mm


Briquette production equipment

The equipment uses crushed wood scrap (opilka)to form a briquette using high pressure and temperature. It has a briquette production capacity of 200-300 kg of Opilka in one hour.

Producer China
Voltage 380V
Capacity 22 kw
Production speed 200-300 kg / h
Equipment weight 1400 kg
Equipment size 1820х700х1600 mm


Equipment prices

Wood grinding equipment 2900$
Briquette production equipment 3550$

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