Special pulverizer (mill) for PVC


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PVC pulverizing equipment, that is, it can also be called a mill by another name. It is used for grinding plastic and other products of solid and granule type. Raw materials are delivered to the grinding part through the vibrating delivery part. A high-speed mill grinds the product, and the product from it is directed to the next stage through a special suction unit. When the products are added in the required dose, they are crushed in a mill and brought to the form of a uniform powder. Larger pieces that did not pass through the sieve are thrown back into the mill, and the process is repeated again. This equipment is mainly used for crushing LDPE, LLDPE, RPVC, HDPE, UPVC, PC and other plastic brands. Almost all plastic extrusion lines use this equipment service.


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Produced China
Voltage 380v 50hz
Motor power 37 kw/h
Grinding mill external diametric 500mm
Number of internal blades 12 pcs
Number of moving blades 24 pcs
Control Panel Push button control
Suction fan motor 3kw
Hot mixer volume 300L
Mixer rotation speed 475-950 r/min
Product release method 0.75 kw in the ventilation method
Sieve size 30-80 (selectable)
Production volume 180-280kg/hour
Size 2500*2100*3800 mm
Weight 2100 kg


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