Mini extruder equipment for the production of plastic bags

Now you can buy small-scale equipment from us for the package manufacturing industry, which is one of the most popular businesses. This allows you to design the equipment precisely for your small business and start your planned business even when you do not have enough funds.


Mini package production equipment is a compact device designed for the production of thin plastic films. It usually works by dissolving plastic resin and then using air to blow and stretch the molten material into a thin film. These equipment usually come in handy in the manufacture of mains packages and roll packages. The” Mini ” designation offers a smaller scale compared to large industrial machines, which makes it suitable for smaller production or special purposes.

Model AFSJ-770
Working speed 35kg / H
Voltage 380v
Used material Stainless metal
Screw diameter 45mm
Screw working speed 10-100R / min
Package maximum width  500mm
Package thickness 0.006-0.10 mm
Installation size 2300*2000*2300mm
Total capacity  22 kW
Fabric power 11 kv
Raw material  Donador
Production Rollpaket, mailer package, D-shaped package
Required space for equipment  20-25 m2
Number of workers required 1
Water supply No
Gas supply No
Power supply Necessary




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