PP, PS film production line


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In the last decade, the increase in packaging requirements, the emergence of large retailers, requires the production of new types of films with different compositions and properties. There are many types of polymer films, every year the packaging market offers new modifications with improved properties.


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“AFEX-GROUP” will continue to present new projects and technologies for entrepreneurs of our country. PP, PS polymer film production business; You can see how profitable this activity is, the high demand for this product in the markets of our country, and the products that are imported in large quantities from foreign countries.

PP, PS polymer films are mainly used for thermoforming disposable containers and packaging. Brief information on PP, PS polymer film products and their differences.

Needed, plastic numbering for consumer and producer

Polypropylene (PP) is the most modern, environmentally friendly, highly recyclable thermoforming material. High and low temperature resistance, light and manufacturable. Polypropylene – transparent, glossy surface, oil resistance, differs from polyethylene in low temperature resistance. Depending on the desired properties, its properties can be adjusted by adding suitable additives. Polypropylene film is used for hot drinks, food and dairy products, egg containers, seedlings and flower trays, various pastries and sweets, confectionery, packaging.

Needed, plastic numbering for consumer and producer

Polystyrene (PS) film- In addition to transparency, rigidity and dimensional stability, the advantages of the material are its cheapness. The popularity of the product is due to its low weight, ease of processing, high quality, low temperature and resistance to aggressive environment. Polystyrene film is used for non-hot drinks, food and dairy products, egg containers, seedlings and flower pots, various baking and sweets, confectionery, packaging.

Necessary infrastructures to start operations

Required area; 12 x 3 meters, not less than 36 m².

Electric energy; 140 KW/380 V.

Number of workers; 1-2 people.

All production industries require water as the main source.

The range of equipment in the line

1. Raw material mixer.

2. Screw conveyor.

3. Extruder.

4. Calendar (3 reels)

5. Temperature control system.

6. Wrapping equipment.

7. Water tower.

8. Plastic shredder.

You can find out about the production technology of the line in the picture below.

The production capacity of this line is 150-200 kg per hour. We will briefly explain the production processes of the line products with the help of the equipment included in the line.

The mixer is made of stainless steel. Initially, two or more colored raw materials are mixed in the production of color film using a mixer.

Model TJB-1100
Capacity 125 kg
Production 500 kg/h
Bunker 1100 mm
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power 2.2 sq
General dimensions 1100*1100*1050 mm
Weight 125 kg

Screw conveyor – this device acts as a supplier of raw materials to the upper feeding part of the Extruder.

Screw conveyor
Model ZD-2000
Speed 200kg/h
Rated power 2,3kw
Power source 380v50hz
General dimensions 900*900*700 mm
Stainless steel pipe size L1400*133 mm
Weight 125 kg


Composition of Extrusion line in production of products; It consists of extruder, calendering, temperature holding system, waste wrapper and roll film wrapper. Extruder PP, PS type plastic raw materials are melted at high temperature after being loaded. Melted granules are compressed with the help of an auger into a formation with a width of 670 mm and a thickness of 0.3-2 mm. Formed films are cut to a specific size in a 3-roll calendering section. Then, after passing through the temperature control system, the waste upper part of the two edges of the film with the specified dimensions is wrapped. Then the films of the specified size are automatically wound in the roll case. The equipment is controlled by a computerized PLC control panel.

Ekstruder liniya
Model TJ-670
Raw material PP, PS
Max list width 670 mm
Sheet thickness range 0.3-2.0 mm
Screw stem diameter 110 mm
Main motor 45 sq
Production speed 150-200 kg/h
Rated power 110 sq
Power supply AC 380V 50Hz
Size L11000*2000*1800 mm
Weight 5.8 T


Water tower – An auxiliary device for the operation of equipment through a pump, in cooling the water temperature and ensuring its moderation.

Water tower
Height 2300 mm
Diameter 1800 mm
Motor power 1,1 kw
Power source 380v50hz
Weight 100 kg


Plastic shredder – shreds plastic waste for recycling.

Grinding equipment
Model TP-650
Speed 300 kg/h
Diameter 10.5 mm
Twist teeth 6
Motor power 15 sq
Voltage 380V 50Hz
General dimensions 1600*1200*2000 mm
Weight 500 kg


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