Shovel (shovel) production line

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Hello, dear customers of AFEX-GROUP. There is a saying in our people: “If your work tool is good, your work will be less”. We can see how true this saying is throughout our lives. Due to the arrival of spring in our country, we would like to inform you about the production of shovels, which are one of the most used working tools by our people in this season. Below you can get acquainted with a set of equipment needed for production, production process sheets and sketches of a shovel.


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General information

  1. Production Name: Shovel Production
  2. Production volume: 40 units/hour on average (depending on the size)
  3. Production capacity: 40kw/h
  4. Required area: 60 square meters
  5. Special requirements: Protection against water and dust, availability of 380V electric current at the installation location.
  6. Number of workers: 2
  7. A set of equipment

The complete set includes the following equipment:

  1. Automatic press equipment
  2. Special molds
  3. Wood rounding equipment
  4. Handle polishing equipment
  5. Tool for ovalizing the handle
  6. Automatic press equipment

So, the equipment we need in the first place is automatic press lab equipment. With the help of the equipment, you can make the specially cut metal parts into different shapes using molds. At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to one piece of information. 3 different molds can be used in the equipment.

Automatic pressing equipment
Nominal pressure 1600KN
Max hydraulic pressure 25 MPa
Desktop size 720*620mm
Main power 11kw
Equipment dimensions 2800*1500*3400 mm


The task of the first mold is to cut a shovel part from rectangular metal. After cutting, the metal looks like this.

With the help of the second mold, we can now bend the cut metals.

The handle input end of the metal part is fixed with the help of the third mold.

With this, the metal part of our shovel is ready. If you noticed, during the production process, we used one press equipment, we only changed the molds. If you want to increase the volume of production, it is better to get 3 press equipment for 3 molds.

In the drawings below, you can see drawings for the production of shovels of various shapes.

Wood rounding equipment

So, first of all, we need the above equipment for woodworking. The task of this equipment is to bring the rectangular logs to the diameters we need. Let’s consider the technical indicators of the equipment:

Wood rounding equipment
Voltage 380V50Hz
Main motor power 4kw
Additional motor power 0.75kw
Number of blades 2
Production speed 5m/min
The wood is diametric 20-60mm
Min length of wood 500mm
Equipment dimensions 1470*590*1000mm
Weight 520 kg


You can see footage from the production process in the following video:


Handle polishing equipment

At the next stage, we process the upper part of the handles, that is, we polish them. By polishing, we beautify our handles, make them easier to grip and are considered to prevent various injuries (removes nicks). Film from the production process

Polishing equipment
Voltage 380V50Hz
Main motor power 2.2kw
Additional motor power 0.44kw
Speed of operation 5-10m/min
Grinding diametric 10-60m/min
General dimensions 800*700*1350mm
Weight 210 kg


Tool for making the end of the handle oval

In order to make it convenient to work with our shovel and not to cause harm and discomfort to the hands during work, we should make the handles of the shovel oval. Oval shaping also requires separate equipment.

Oval forming equipment
Working diameter range 20-40mm
Spindle speed 5000r/min
Motor power 1.5kw
General dimensions 720*560*820mm
Net weight 130 kg






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