Self-service car wash AF-L029

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Car servicing is always one of the profitable service industries
is happening. This is especially true if every car owner services his car himself
nothing but a great opportunity.


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Why are self-service industries booming around the world? Because
In cities and other crowded places, the competition is very strong and so are the prices
it is necessary to ensure that it does not rise.

Let’s talk about the inconveniences of common car washes:

  • Waiting in line for a car wash;
  • The fact that workers are not important, as a result of which it is necessary to hand over an expensive car to new and untrained workers;
  • For the owner of a car wash, there is always a need for workers, because overwork in this field can cause rheumatism in workers, so anyone who is not careful about their health will try to leave the car wash job as soon as possible;
  • They work on a fixed schedule, they are closed during most of the downtime;
  • In 90% of car washes, the water is not filtered, and as a result, marks remain on the car;
  • Most places do not have payment terminals, so you have to use cash only;
  • Constant supervision is necessary so that the workers do not cheat you, and this prevents you from working in other jobs than the car wash business.
  • Different cars require different time and water, usually inexperienced workers waste a lot of water, which leads to economic loss.

As you can see above, the disadvantages of traditional car washes are numerous and you can be the first to innovate in this field. So what advantages does our state-of-the-art car wash equipment that we offer you have over the rest?

  • You will never have problems with workers because they don’t have any;
  • You can offer the user alternative payment methods (plastic, cash, contactless payment for regular customers through special cards);
  • You do your work in the office and control the incoming money through your mobile phone, every transaction comes to your mobile phone;
  • High performance now you can get money from each car owner for the water time spent, which will serve to increase your income;
  • Freely, every driver will have the opportunity to wash his car with all his love;
  • You can earn money 24 hours a day, not just during business hours, customers use your service at their convenience;
  • 4-stage filtered water is supplied to you, leaving no stains on the car at all;
  • With the help of an internal water meter, you can always keep costs under control;
  • You can make even more money by taking advantage of the space for posted ads.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to buy to open a simple car wash, and then we’ll give you a good solution.

In the picture above, we list the equipment you need to open a traditional car wash one by one:

1) Equipment for high pressure washing

2) Vacuum cleaning equipment for car interior

3) Special spraying equipment for spraying foam

4) Special compressor for use in foaming

5) Special spraying auxiliary device for active foam

6) Special filter for water purification

7) Terminal for plastic cards

8) Meters for water and electricity

9) Special shit for electricity

10) Car wash workers

If you buy all of the above equipment, you won’t have the compact look with the high amenities we offer, and you’ll be stuck in a traditional business for life.

So what does AFEX-GROUP offer you? We offer you a modern all-in-one washing machine. Car owners bring you money while you relax at home. A very strong proposition, isn’t it? We couldn’t find a better description of the amenities we offer than the picture below.

If you are interested in this business, let’s try to introduce this equipment more widely. Well, we will share the appearance and technical parameters of our equipment.

Modern car wash equipment
Produced China
City Shanghai
Voltage 220v 50hz
Power consumption 3kw/h
Characteristics Washing with water, active foam, foam, vacuum cleaning
Types of payment By cash and IC card
Hose length 10M
Foam storage tank 90L
Management system Microcomputer intelligent control
Advertising with LED display There is
Water filtration There is
Water consumption 20L per car
Dimensions 780*660*1900mm


If you are interested in this car wash, place an order now. For our customers who order within 30 days from the date of announcement of the equipment, we will give away FREE Microfiber towels and 1-year filter cartridges. An additional fee of $400 is charged for online monitoring of the equipment using a special program.

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