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As the construction market expands, the reformation of building materials is also developing. It is no secret that aluminum frames have gradually replaced traditional wooden frames. But aluminum frames have a big minus side, even if it passes 70% of cold and hot air from the street. This requires a lot of electricity to keep the room temperature at the same level in winter and summer. Considering this, the current market demand is for plastic frames made of PVC profiles.


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Today’s business project is about PVC profiles, which are the main product type for metal-plastic frames.

General information about the project:

  1. Production capacity: 300-350kg/hour
  2. Required working space: 30m x 10m building
  3. Required manpower: 5 people (for 1 shift)
  4. Energy consumption: 80KW/hour
  5. Voltage: 380V 50Hz

Brief information about the history of PVC profiles:

Plastic frames are so common that today it is an indispensable attribute of any modern design. But 50 years ago, no one knew what it was.

The history of the appearance of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) began in 1835. It was in this year that the American chemist Regnald managed to invent polyvinyl chloride, which later became the material from which plastic windows began to be produced.

The first industrial production of plastic windows took place in the USA in the 50s. Later, Europe saw a great prospect and began to develop and apply these technologies. And soon, in 1952, German developers were the first to create and patent the construction of PVC windows.

PVC frames began to appear in our country in the mid-90s, at first such profiles were imported from abroad, and due to the high price of frames, not everyone could afford to install such frames at that time. By the 2000s, the production of PVC frames in our country and market competition made PVC frames an acceptable building material for everyone.

It should be noted here that PVC frames differ from traditional wooden frames in terms of their resistance to external impacts and weather changes, fire resistance, high energy efficiency, beautiful design and noise reduction. It excels with the qualities of impermeability.

In addition, the number of chambers of PVC profiles is important in maintaining a moderate room temperature.

Now let’s turn to the production process. The production line of PVC profiles for Rom consists of 3 major parts. These are:

1. PVC profile extrusion line

2. Part of preparing the mixture

3. Lamination line

1.PVC profile extrusion line

General view of the line

PVC profile extruder line
Produced China
Production environment Dry and clean building
Total length 23 m
Power consumption 80 sq/h
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Sort by 300-350kg/hour
Product width Max 250mm
Equipment width 1.45 m
Equipment height 1050±50mm


1.1 Extrusion part

Twin screw extruder equipment

Twin screw extruder equipment
Produced China
Model AFX65-132
Heating parts 4
Power consumption 37 sq/h
Voltage 380V50Hz
Nitrogen layer 0.55-0.7mm
Oil heating temperature 0-180C
Metal type S304.20CrMoTi


The PVC profile production line consists of an extruder, a film, a calibration table, a weighing device, a profile saw and mechanisms for marking, laying and applying a protective film to the finished product (profile).

Production is carried out by extrusion. Extrusion is a continuous process of extruding a preheated mass of polymer through shaped holes in a mold. The extruder ensures the melting of the mixture and the continuous supply of the solution under a certain pressure.

1.2 Marking Section.

Single screw coextruder
Produced China
Model AFX-30/25
Heating parts 4
Power consumption 5.5 kw/h
Voltage 380V50Hz
Nitrogen layer 0.4-0.5mm
Oil heating temperature 0-180C
Production volume 8-10 kg/h


1.3 Calibration part

Calibration equipment
Produced China
Model AFX-300
Heating parts 4
Power consumption 11.7 kw/soat
Voltage 380V50Hz
Water pump 2 (2.2 kw and 4 kw)
Equipment length 7200mm
Table management Automatic

The calibrator gives the desired shape to the mass of the solution. The puller pulls the profile out of the calibrator at a stable speed, providing optimum force.

1.4 Cutting part

Cutting and transfer equipment
Produced China
Model AFX-300 T
Length of rubber pads 300 mm
Power consumption 3,7 kw/h
Voltage 380V50Hz
Engine power 1,5 kw
Production capacity 5m/min
Compressive strength Pneumatic


The saw cuts the profile to the required length.

1.5 Assembly

Special profile assembly equipment
Produced China
Model AFX-6000
Equipment length 6000
Power consumption 380V50Hz
Voltage Collection of profiles
Hardware function From 1-40
Capacity of profiles Semi Automatic
Work style Pneumatic


2. Special molds

“AFEX-GROUP” offers you 8 types of special molds. With the help of these molds, you can produce PVC profiles of any shape for frames.

3. Mixing part

Mixer part


Hot mixer 500L
Produced by China
Model AFX-SRL300
The floor of the shoulder blades 3 floors
Power consumption 75 kw/h
Voltage 380V50Hz
Max. input <150kg/lot
Working capacity 375L
Total capacity 500L
Bearing rotation speed 430-860 units/min



4. Lamination line

Lamination line
Produced China
Voltage 380V50hz
Power consumption 12kw/h
Max. working width 300mm
Wheel width 2-80 mm
Main motor 1.5 sq
Gluing motor 0.37 sq
Heating tunnel capacity 4 sq
Total weight 2500 kg



Laminated look

Production process view:


Finished products:

Ishlab chiqarish jarayonidan video lavha:

General prices
PVC profile production line 1.Extrusion part

2.Marking part

3. Calibration part

4. Cutting part

5. Assembly and cutting part

64 000$











Two cameras

9 700$

9 300$

10 600$

10 600$

8 000$

5 600$

6 700$

7 600$

Mixture preparation line Hot mixer part 11 500$


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