Production line of household hoses

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Our people have been engaged in horticulture and agriculture since time immemorial, because the climate and natural conditions of our country provide ample opportunities for horticulture and agriculture.


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Even now, these two areas form the basis of one of the developed fields in our country – agriculture. Providing comfortable conditions and modern equipment and technologies for the workers of our people is the main goal of AFEX-GROUP.

For this reason, our production line, which is presented to you today, produces household hoses, which are very necessary for our people. Our equipment package produces double-layer hoses. Let’s get acquainted with the general information about this production line.

Working area: Indoors, indoors
Humidity: 85% non-condensing
Temperature: 0-40 degrees

Power source: motor, 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz

Water cooling: Pressure greater than 0.4MPa, 2m cubic hour

Production diameter: 13-32mm
Material: PVC soft granule, PP
Production volume: 5-10m/min
Installation power: 75kw
Power consumption: 45kw
Colors: Blue and white (on request)
General dimensions: 15000m*3000mm*2350mm
Total weight: 8000 kg

The set of equipment we need is as follows:

1. Raw material delivery equipment (2)
2. Drying equipment (2)
3. First layer extruder (1)
4. Second layer extruder (1)
5. Mold (2)
6. Water cooling equipment (2)
7. Supply equipment (2)
8. Thread gluing equipment (1 piece)
9. Oven (1)
10. Color line drawing equipment (2 pieces)
11. Wrapping equipment (1)

So, we have learned all the general information we need. Now we can consider the production step by step.

Vacuum delivery equipment

Vacuum delivery equipment
Material Stainless metal
Performance 200 kg/h
Motor power 1.5 kw/h

Drying hopper

In the next process, our above equipment dries and melts some wet raw materials and prepares them for the next processes.

Drying hopper
Material Stainless metal
Weight 50 kg
Heating power 4 kW
Parrack power 180 W
Error rate -1,+1 degrees




The mold will decide the diameters of your hoses. You can set the diameters to the size you want.

Material i 40 Chromium alloy
Surface part Chrome
Diameters 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm
Air pump 0.37 sq


The first layer is the extruder

As for the next equipment, the task of the equipment is to mix different raw materials together. If we pay attention to the photo, the drying equipment is also placed in the upper part of the equipment. The mold is placed in the last part of the equipment (on the left).

General description
Electrical parts Inverter-ABB


Temperature control-OMRON

Production volume 50-65 kg/h
Advantages Brand company parts, real-time quality control 


Diameter 65 mm
Material 38 chromiumMoAIA, nitrogen
Heating system Heater made of stainless steel and aluminum
Heating power 10 kW
Type of cooling Through the tubes
Cooling accuracy -1,+1 degrees
Material 38 chromiumMoAIA, nitrogen
The progress of the process
Main motor power 18.5 kW
Speed Can be changed
Main motor speed 1441 times/min


Cooling system

The hose that came out of the extruder is very hot. This can cause the hose to be accidentally deformed. For this reason, we need to cool them in the next process. For this we need the above equipment. They cool the hose by pouring water over the hot hose.



Supplier equipment

Cooling system
Length 2.5 m
Material Stainless metal
Type of cooling With water
Pump motor power 0.12 kW


And the turn of the cooled hoses came to the supplying equipment. The function of this equipment is to adjust and deliver the hose to the line drawing equipment.

Supplier equipment
Type 2 parts
Grip length 520 mm
Motor power 0.75 kw*2
Speed 0.3-15 m/min


Threading equipment

IP sealing equipment
Motor power 1.5 KW* 2 pcs
Inverter ABB
Speed 0-12 m/min
Number of reels 34
Reel Galvanized
Spiral tube diametric 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm
Center section height 1000mm
Coil material Stainless metal


Now it is the turn of the line drawing equipment, one of the largest pieces of equipment on the production line. You can see how the equipment is capable of drawing lines in the file below. PP is used as raw material for equipment.


Now it’s time to heat the finished hose. The above equipment is the same term for this.

Type of heating Heating Vacuum
Heating power 4 KW
Management system Automatic
Temperature control Automatic
Length 1000mm

So, we have completed the first layer of our hose. It’s time for the second layer of the hose. The same procedures and equipment are needed for the production of the second layer of the hose. The only equipment that will be changed is that instead of the first layer extruder, the second layer extruder will be installed, and instead of the thread gluing equipment, the equipment for drawing 2-color lines will be installed. The equipment can draw 2 different colors on the hose at the same time.

Color plotting equipment

Color plotting equipment
Screw diameter 25mm
Length-diameter ratio 25:01 
Production volume 20/min
Rotation speed 38 chromiumMoAIA, nitrogen
Material 1.2*2 sq
Heating power 2
Main motor power 0.75 sq
Temperature control Japan Omron
Converter ABB



At the last stage of the process, the finished hoses are wrapped and made ready. This is the end of the production. Hoses are ready for sale.

Raw materials and equipment (2)

39 700$ 

Drying equipment (2 units)
Extruder (1st floor) (1 piece)
Extruder (2nd layer) (1 piece)
Mold (2 pieces)
Cooling equipment (2 units)
Supply equipment (2 units)
Threading equipment (1 piece)
Color bar equipment (2 pieces)
Wrapping equipment


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