Biodegradable package manufacturing equipment

The packages that produce this equipment have the property of biological decay, which makes it possible to drastically reduce the number of emissions that increase in the environment.


The use of biodegradable materials in film production contributes to sustainability by minimizing the ecological footprint of plastic products. The resulting films can be used for a variety of applications such as packaging, agriculture and other industries where a biodegradable and environmentally friendly solution is preferred.

Model AFL-03007
Working speed 30-40kg/H
Voltage 38ov
Film width 300-600mm
Screw diameter 45mm
Film thickness 0.009-0.08 mm
Fabric power 15 kW
Energy consumption 15 kWh
Air haidagich power  2.2 kW
Roller width 650mm
Film acquisition rate 10-80m/min
Film extraction power 0.75 kW
Size 6.5*2.0*4-5m
Raw material Biological granule
Production Biodegradable film,
Required space for equipment package
Number of workers required  20-25m2
Water supply No
Gas supply  No
Power supply Necessary



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