Metal sponge production equipment AF-B006


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Metal sponges are one of the main tools used by housewives in household work. Because metal sponges help us to clean the dirt from our dishes, which sponges with a cloth could not remove, and the service of this type of sponges in cleaning our dishes is incomparable. With the help of metal sponges, you can easily remove stubborn dirt from pots, kettles, pans, metal pots, gas stoves, electric stoves, ovens, grills, steak cooking equipment, kettles and other such metal utensils.

These sponges, considered one of the most useful inventions of our time, are made of metal and are very durable. As we mentioned above, it helps us to clean hard-to-clean dishes like porcelain.


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The “AFEX-GROUP” team offers you the same equipment for the production of metal sponges. You can earn a good income by starting a metal sponge manufacturing business.

To place the equipment, you need a room of at least 3×3 m, with an electrical voltage of 380 V.


Metal sponge production equipment
Produced China
Year of manufacture 2019
Model AF-130C
Voltage 380/220V50/60Hz
Power 1.5kw/h
Number of cylinders 2
Cylinders are diametric 130mm
Output volume 8 kg/hour
Equipment size 1700x900x1500mm
Weight 450 kg



  • the equipment is very easy to use, no special knowledge and skills are required, our technician will teach you all the skills by installing, using and demonstrating the equipment (the technician’s service is not included in the price of the equipment)
    Using SS 410 wire as raw material for the product, we will help you find this wire
    The main parts of the equipment are guaranteed for 1 year.
    You can comfortably use the equipment for up to 20 hours a day for 10 years.
    Equipment produces very minimal (almost none) output when turning raw materials into products. This allows you to produce more products.
    The equipment is equipped with automatic counting and electronic scales, which will provide you with high accuracy.

Now let’s move on to the most interesting part for all of us, that is, let’s make an approximate calculation of how much profit we can see by starting this project.

One kilogram of raw material SS 410 wires used for the product costs around 20 thousand soums (price may change). If your metal sponge is 10 grams, from one kilogram of raw material you will produce about 100 pieces of metal sponge. The equipment has a production capacity of up to 8 kg per hour. So you can produce 800 metal sponges in one hour. If you use the equipment for 8 hours, you can produce up to 6400 metal sponges in one day.

So for 8 hours you use 64 kg of raw materials.

100 kg x 20,000 soums = 1,280,000 soums

The equipment consumes 1.5 kilowatts of electricity in 1 hour. If the building consumes 2 kilowatts of electricity per hour for lighting and other purposes, 20 kilowatts of electricity will be consumed for 10 hours.

20 sq. 350 soums = 7,000 soums

Salary: 50,000 soums / day / the equipment can be used by one person.

Other expenses are 100,000 soums

The total daily cost is 1,437,000 soums

Currently, you can buy one piece of such metal sponges from stores for 500 to 1000 soums. You can make a net profit of around 400,000 soums in one day if you sell your product to the stores at wholesale price i.e. 300 (maybe more than this price).

300 soums x 6400 pieces = 1,920,000 soums; 1 920 000 – 1437 000 = 483 000 soums

All you have to do is sell your products using your entrepreneurial skills.

Metal sponge production equipment 4 500 USD


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