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Doors, including steel doors and gates, are always in demand. Modern polished steel doors and gates represent an ever-necessary home component. Therefore, the production of steel doors in the world market, this type of activity is a promising business idea, although the competition in this field is relatively high. Almost everyone can organize this activity, because the production of doors is not a technologically difficult activity.


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“AFEX-GROUP” offers modern and high-quality technology for our entrepreneurs who want to start working in this field. With the help of this equipment, you can produce not only metal doors, but also details necessary for the production of other types of products.

Today, the production of steel doors in our country has become a profitable but competitive business. Of course, there are competitors in this field, but the level of demand is still low. Ways to overcome competition in this field are easy to innovate with unusual design, non-standard shapes and sizes. The fact that construction works in our country continue for 4 seasons ensures the constant level of demand.

Major buyers of this activity;

*Private developers.

*Construction companies.

*Owners of apartments in new buildings.

*Residential households.

In recent years, the construction of high-rise buildings in our country continues to grow significantly, if you purchase this equipment from us and enter into a contract for the supply of iron doors with construction companies, you will soon cover the cost of the equipment and make a profit. possible

Necessary infrastructures for starting the activity;

Required area; the ceiling height should be 6 meters (to the press equipment), not less than 200 m².

Electric energy; 110 KW/380 V.

Number of workers; 8-10 people.

Line equipment and devices;

1. Forming Press equipment.

2. Cutting equipment

3. Forming equipment

4. Perforating equipment

5. Mechanical Press Equipment

6. Bending equipment

7. Welding equipment

8. Hot pressing equipment

9. Vacuum print

First, let’s briefly introduce the working mechanism of the forming press equipment and the devices in it.

Forming Press Equipment – High-pressure hydraulic press equipment with 2500 tons of force is capable of forming metal sheets with a thickness of 2.2 mm and a working table size of 1500×2500 mm. The equipment is equipped with modern and high-quality devices.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is located on the right side of the press and consists of oil tank, high pressure pump, motor, valve cartridge and other components.

System cartridge valve

A cartridge valve system is installed in the equipment to prevent liquid leakage. All oil supply pipes to the equipment use a combination gasket, covered with rubber on the inside and copper on the outside by the manufacturer, compared to iron used by other manufacturers, the advantages are as follows:

*The flexibility of red copper is strong, the connection is strong;
*Copper rubber effectively protects leather from breakage during high-pressure washing.

Scheme of hydraulic station

A horizontal oil pump is different from other pumps in the hydraulic station
used, to reduce the heat generated during oil pulling. Oil in the system
rises slowly, and the temperature is around 55 degrees, which means that the equipment is always the same
is a proof of its operation and long service life.


Technical indicator
Features 2500T
Max sheet thickness Metal 2.2mm
Strength Stainless metal 1.6mm Aluminum 1.8mm
Opening height 25000KN
Return force 500mm
The size of the desktop is 630x2KN
The speed of descent is 1500x2500mm
Working speed 120mm/s
Return speed is 5-10mm/s
Return speed 80mm/s
Power 22x2kw
The size is 3400*2800*4800mm
Weight 40T



Equipment forming molds can be purchased by the customer according to their requirement. Molds
prices are determined depending on the types of forms.
The metal sheets formed in the pressing equipment are the doors to the next steps
sent for preparation.

The cutting equipment is designed by ANSYS software, which is cutting
is modern equipment that works with reliability and precision. To cut into equipment
the required size is determined. The back panel will automatically adjust to this size. It is E21 S
can be programmed by system management and store up to 40 programs.
The equipment has 0.05 mm high precision cutting capabilities.

The cutting angle, i.e. the distance between the cutting blades, can be adjusted using a motor.
All processes are performed using CNC software. Legs in case of emergency
with the button, the equipment can be stopped immediately.

Technical indicator
Maximum cutting thickness 4mm
Maximum cutting length 3200 mm
Cutting angle (adjustable) 30-1 30
Cutting size up to 500mm
Cutting speed 14-35 min
Cutting edge length 1100*3 mm
Amount of cutting edge 3(top)+3(bottom) pieces
Motor power 5.5 sq
Size 3840x1600x1620mm
Weight 4500 kg



Modeling equipment – this equipment is developed by ANSYS software, and
it reliably and accurately creates the desired shapes when bending door frames
is modern equipment that works.


Technical indicator
Nominal pressure 1000KN
Max bending (bend length) 3200 mm
Max opening height 370mm
Motor power 7.5kw
Size 3200x1600x2600mm
Weight 5600 kg



Perforating equipment – this equipment has holes for locks of the required sizes
it is used for making, cutting and bending works. Each cylinder is independent
the operation is ensured, the number of cylinders is individual, the customer’s request, i.e. the door frame and
depending on the door style.

Technical indicator
Nominal pressure 300-500KN
Motor power is 4kw
Voltage 380V
The size is 3865x2140x2350mm



Mechanical Press Equipment- At this stage, the edges of the door frames are pressed before bending
are cut based on pre-entered dimensions using mechanical press equipment.
The equipment works on the mechanism of pressing and cutting.

Technical indicator
Nominal pressure 400KN
Stroke speed 45/min
Length of vertical columns 340mm
The distance between the center of the slider and the hardware 250mm
Desktop thickness 65 mm
Motor power 5.5kw
Weight 3600 kg



Bending equipment – this equipment is used to bend the lower and upper parts of doors
is used.

Technical indicator
Sheet thickness 0.3-1.5mm
Bending angle 60
Processing length  2500 mm
Size  3680x800x1590mm



Welding equipment – carrying out contact welding works with the help of electric current
is an effective tool to get going. The line includes 1 piece of welding equipment
caught. Customer can purchase add-on as per their requirement.

Technical indicator
Tension 380V
Current setting 25-270A
Current voltage setting 15-27.5V
Protection level IP21
Size 580x290x550mm
Weight 28.5 kg





Hot pressing equipment – Equipment for doors with special oil at a temperature of up to 85 C
used to dry the applied glue and level the balance of the doors. Equipment
can be opened and closed automatically at the specified time.


Technical indicator
Number of layers 10
Number of cylinders 4
Pressing power 100kn
Distance between layers 110mm
Pressing temperature 85c
Paste time 15-30 min
Size 2860*1260*2910 mm
Weight 12500 kg 




Vacuum print- Equipment based on a vacuum mechanism. Prepared for this equipment
The doors are brought in a painted state, then the surface part with the desired flower paper
combined and inserted into the equipment. Equipment at a temperature of up to 240C for a certain time
After heating and vacuum absorption, the flower paper structure appears on the surface of the door
will be

Technical indicator
Operating temperature 240 C
Desktop size 2400*1400 mm
Efficient printing area 2200*1200mm
Starting power 24kw
Working power 10kw
Motor power 0,75kw
Efficiency 5min
Print depth 15min
Size 2900*1600*1700mm
Weight 800kg 





Forming press equipment
Cutting equipment
Forming equipment
Drilling equipment
Mechanical press equipment               $ 268 000
Bending equipment
Welding equipment
Hot pressing equipment
Vacuum printing equipment
Travel expenses for 3 containers


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