Hydraulic CNC metal sheet bending machine (80T/3200mm)


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This equipment is used to bend steel sheets or stainless metals. Mainly used in steel metal processing industry.


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(AF-PB80T/3200) Details
Part names Parameters
Nominal pressure 800 Kn
Table length 3200 mm
The distance between the hulls 2565 mm
Main part height 370 mm
Speed of operation 60/8/66 mm/s depending on the size of the load
Base engine model Y132S-6
Main motor power 7.5 KW
Main motor speed 960 r/min 
Linear piston pump model 25 MCY14-1B
Linear piston failure pressure 31.5 Mpa
Linear piston failure flow volume 25 ml/r
Rear Electric Motor Counter Adjuster Part Model Y80M2 -6
Rear electric motor counter power 0.55 KW
Rear electric motor speed counter 900 r/min 
Equipment dimensions 3450*1720*2350mm

1. Use of equipment:

This equipment is a metal bending (listogib) equipment. metal sheets are used to make various products. The equipment consists of part frame, work table and pressing cylinders. The main bending dies are used for a long time, do not change shape, and maintain high bending accuracy. The folding mold is processed by a special method, it can serve for a long time. The press brake also has CNC press brake, CNC steel plate bending equipment, electro-hydraulic synchronized CNC press brake. It is mainly used for bending steel sheets or stainless metals. Mainly used in steel metal processing industry. Our equipment is equipped with a high-precision PLC control panel. In it, the pressure ton can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the metal.

Hardware parts:


Brief description:

Hardware control panel (you can ensure security with a fingerprint scanner)

Hydraulic Sistema brand; BOSCH/REXROTH

Hydraulic cylinder brand: BOSCH/REXROTH

Electrical system brand: SHNINDER/SIEMENS

Pump: Gear pump

Motor brand: SIEMENS

Control panel: E21

Upper part segment: 1 total

Bottom mold metal: 1 set

Front supply part: 2 pcs

In addition, the control panel includes an emergency stop button and a safety section.


Number of adjusting bolts: four pieces

Additional tools: a set (screw driver and nut wrench, wrench)

Manual and diagram: presented in book form



1. Block control system

2. Control of common alternating current motors, frequency generating part

3. High precision positioning

4. Work volume calculator

5. Hold/Decompression time adjustment



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Briefly about the equipment:


Examples of products produced with this equipment:


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