Flour production comfort line (flour mill)

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Undoubtedly, bread is the primary food product of the Uzbek people and other Central Asian peoples. For this reason, wheat is grown on a large part of our arable land. In addition, a large amount of wheat will be imported to our country from Kazakhstan. If you have a desire to open a profitable and compact flour production business, the AFEX-GROUP company is ready to help you closely in this regard.


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Wheat is first cleaned, in which it is removed from the soil and other foreign legumes. The equipment offered by this equipment has the feature of polishing the wheat and the wheat becomes shiny and clean. This step has a number of advantages over cleaning the wheat by washing. During the cleaning of wheat, depending on its quality, there is a loss of about 0.2-0.5%. This equipment is distinguished by its ease of use and high productivity.

Wheat cleaning equipment
Produced China(YIWU)
Voltage 38v50hz
Power consumption 11kw/h
Production volume 1500kg/hour
Material Carbon metal
Size 950*420*720mm
Weight 250 kg




One of the aspects that is considered important in the production of flour is to achieve high efficiency by consuming less electricity. Clean wheat should be moistened a little before putting it in the flour mill. This process allows you to speed up the grinding of the wheat and increase the separation of the flour. This mill that we offer you has a number of amenities. Including:

  • Production of high-quality flour in the production process provided with 3 sieves;
  • Operation with one main engine. This ensures that all parts work at the same rate and speed in most cases;
  • Cast H13 metal shafts are used, the diameter of the shaft is 25 cm. Since the shafts are the main part, a separate order by our company is basically completely cast. Other manufacturers have the shaft hollow, which means you can’t re-thread it when the teeth jam. And we don’t have this problem!
  • Vacuum suction and flour cooling function. In this process, the flour is not allowed to burn and heat up. As a result, the quality of the flour will be the same as that of industrial flour;
  • In order to reduce noise, some gears are made of fluoroplast, which reduces excessive noise;
    can be easily operated by one operator, high efficiency is ensured without excessive manpower;
  • Due to the fact that the base of the mill is made of high-quality iron, it is much stronger than some other vendors’ cast iron base;
  • Our company recommends you the imported flour mill from the original manufacturer in YIWU, and this equipment is 270 kg heavier than other similar models;
  • The Comfort model mill can be connected to another mill of the same model to double the production capacity.

Flour mill (comfort)
Produced China(YIWU City)
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 15kw/h
Processing volume (wheat) 450-500kg/h
Material Carbon metal
Size 1500*3400*3000m
Weight 1250 kg
The shaft size is diametric 250mm
Shaft length 500mm



Our technologist provides detailed information about flour production processes. When the flour is ready, it is put into bags from a special container and sewn on top.


The machine for sewing the mouth of the bag
Produced China(YIWU City)
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 190kw/h
Field of application For PP bags and plastic and paper bags
Material Carbon metal
Size 250*250*80m
Weight 2,8 kg




Wheat cleaning equipment 2100$ 
Flour production mill 5600$
Bag mouth sewing equipment 200$
Total cost 7900$



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