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Computerized quilting machine AF-L027

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Over time, manual labor is being replaced by robots and smart equipment. Another innovation that has rapidly entered our lives today is automatic ironing equipment. The equipment can use a wide variety of designs. More than 250 designs are stored in the device memory, and you can easily use ready-made designs. It is also possible to enter other types of designs you want into the device through the computer using flash memory. With the help of the equipment, you can sew summer and winter blankets. You will need 2 additional pieces of equipment to start this business. The most interesting equipment manufactured blankets are among the non-seasonal businesses. The reason is that the demand is high in winter because of the cold weather, and as we all know, the summer season is also the wedding season in our country. Therefore, sarpoga is one of the best wedding gifts. So we believe that this business will serve your income well.


3 in stock


This equipment is in high demand due to the fact that it can work with two types of raw materials. The equipment is relatively compact and can be installed even in a small room. During the operation of the equipment, it is considered appropriate to direct the air exhaust (dust exhaust) pipe to another room. This equipment does not require skilled personnel as it is convenient and simple to use. The body of the device is made entirely of metal, which will serve you for a long time.


Produced China
City Sichuan
Processing power 25-50 kg/h
Power consumption 5.5kw/h
Tension 380 V 50 Hz
Weight 550 Kg
Area of use For cotton, Sintepon, Spunbond and other similar products



Since it is impossible to do the embroidery by hand, we recommend you a high-efficiency embroidery machine. With the help of a computer, you can create your own individual designs and enter the equipment into the PLC control system. For this, you will need the appropriate software and sufficient skills in Corel Draw.

The following aspects of the equipment differ from other equipment

  • The equipment has the ability to work in a wide format;
  • It is possible to shrink the folding table and set it to any size;
  • PLC control system control panel with LCD monitor
  • Works on 220v for convenience;
  • Enriched technology with synchronous belt transmission;
  • Automatic stop function when thread breaks
  • The function of continuing the last work in the event of a power failure, i.e. saving in memory;
  • Flashing of warning lights when an error occurs;
  • The ability to work even when the inside of the blanket is filled with sintepon, cotton, sheep wool, camel wool and other soft products;
  • High-speed sewing 2200rpm (can knit a quilt in 3-4 minutes when knitting with a standard pattern)


Produced China
City Sichuan
Bending area 2200mm*2400mm
Power consumption 1.5kw/h
Tension 220v 50hz
Weight 2200 Kg
Motor type Modern stepper motor
Bladder spacing 2-7 mm
Needle type MRS 18-22#
Bend type Single-headed
Recommended thickness 2-6 cm



Because quilted quilts cannot be sewn with a quilting machine, you will need special sewing equipment. The sewing machine has the feature of sewing with a simple thread or with a special cuff on the edge. This sewing machine is very important for customers who want your product to stand out in the market and high quality.


Produced China
City Sichuan
Speed of operation 5000r/min
Power consumption 1,5kw/h
Tension 220v 50hz
Weight 45kg
Motor type Servo motor


You can produce up to 120 pieces in 10 hours using our above equipment. We can also supply you with pillow filling and vacuum pressing equipment to further develop your business.

Sintepon, cotton spinning and wrapping equipment 2200$
Computerized embroidery machine 8900$
Equipment for sewing the edge of a blanket 750$
Total (VAT from Tashkent) 11850$



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