Sterilized and non-sterilized medical bandage production line


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The demand for quality sterilized and non-sterilized medical bandage is increasing from year to year, we decided to provide modern production equipment by our company, taking into account the high demand. please get acquainted


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General information

Required area: 100KV / meter

Energy type: electric

Voltage: 380V

Power consumption: 14-16 kW

Number of workers: 3-4 people per shift

Additional: air circulation system and sanitary hygienic requirements must be met in the production building


Babina making equipment from reel threads

This equipment serves to wrap the coil from the threads in many reels, forming the horizontal rows necessary for our weaving equipment. Raw materials are produced in our country and range from$ 2.3 to$ 3, depending on its quality.  One piece of equipment that we offer you below will be able to form bobbin threads for 8 weaving equipment.

Produced China
Number of installed reels 128 PCs.
Voltage 380V 50 HZ
Mounted coil diameter F350x255mm F400x255mm
Motor power 1.5 HP
The length of the area you will need No less than 6.5 meters


Special medical gauze knitting equipment 4 pcs

The equipment is designed to work automatically, being able to weave a product up to 14 centimeters wide in two rows at a time. And the speed of operation is 160 meters per hour for each row, which means that each of our two-row weaving equipment has a special medical gauze weaving speed of 320 meters per hour. Yes by the way you can also buy 4-row equipment to order. we recommend that you consult with the specialists of the AFEX-GROUP company before ordering equipment in this regard.

Produced China
Number of installed reels 8-14
Voltage 380V50Hz
Power consumption 1kvt
Woven product width 140mm
Motor power 1.5 HP
Knitting speed 160metrx2ta=320m / H
Raw material Cotton fiber thread


Small wrapping equipment semi-automatic

Special medical gauze in the form of a large roll is wrapped in a length of kelark with the help of equipment forming a small wrap from a large wrap, let’s say a small wrap made of 5 meters or 7 meters the equipment is able to work with a special medical gauze in the form of a roll up to 14 centimeters wide . the equipment is semi-automatic, the process is carried out using one working employee.

Produced China
Voltage 220V50Hz
Power consumption 1 kW
Product width 100mm-140mm
Winding speed 7-9mm/min


Special sterilization equipment

Sterilization can be carried out in two types of uslib! in the first style, with the help of a special sterilized paper coating , the top of the bandages is covered and sterilized by hot par with the help of equipment, while we use the second sterilization method, which is much more efficient and fully complies with international standards, namely ethylene oxide, abbreviated as EO. EO is a low-temperature gaseous process widely used for the sterilization of disposable medical products and instruments. The equipment will fit 1500 pieces from a special medical gauze with a length of 7 meters wide by 14 centimeters in one go, and the sterilization process will take 9 hours . To sterilize 1500 pieces of product, we use EO gas for 105,000 rubles.

Produced China
Performance tempurature 50c
Type of sterilization Ethylene oxide sterilizer
Working pressure -60kra
Sterilizing gas EO gas
Internal capacity 220 letr
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Sterilization time 8-12 hours
Equipment size 920x720x1250mm


Medical gauze packaging equipment 

The packaging equipment is packaged in a horizontal style, while the processing process is automatic, carried out in a single working nozzle . the equipment has the capacity to pack 80 to 100 medical gauze in a minute, and also the equipment drops its production date at the same time.

Producer China
Box length 160mm maximum
Box width 60mm
Working speed 80-100 / minute
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power consumption 3 kW
Motor type Servo twin
Equipment size 3900mm*850mm*1500mm


Sample from the finished product

Equipment price

Equipment name Quantity Price
Babina making equipment from reel threads 1 6900$
Special medical gauze knitting equipment 4 6800$
Small wrapping equipment semi-automatic 1 3500$
Special sterilization equipment 1 19000$
Medical gauze packaging equipment 1 6700$
Special babina galtak 20 50$
Total 64300$

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