Molded bread (bukhanka) production line

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The Uzbek people have revered bread since ancient times. Bread and bakery products, national sweets are always in demand in our country. Our company, AFEX-GROUP, is a supporter of the production of high-quality products for you, dear ones, and for this reason, we produce bread and confectionery products not in traditional floor ovens, which you and we are very familiar with, but based on a modern PLC control system, with high energy efficiency. We recommend our convection ovens. In addition, you can also buy auxiliary equipment for loved ones with a long-term guarantee from our company.


Molded bread production is currently one of the most profitable industries, because a clean and tidy place for your business does not require much investment, which is useful for many people. For the preparation of bakery products or pastries, it is advisable to start the work by making a dough from well-sifted flour. We can provide you with a wide range of high-quality and efficient dough mixing equipment. These actions will lead to the quality of your product in the future, and the quick break of the dough. These actions will lead to the quality of your product in the future, and the quick break of the dough.

Dough mixing equipment

Dough mixing equipment
Manufacturer China
Model Af-L60
Energy type Electric
Tension 380V
Electricity consumption 3 sq/h
Weight 170 kg
Internal capacity 250 kg
The size 950*600*1100
Characteristics 2 different speeds/ belt


For kneading dough, put the sifted flour into the dough kneading machine, add hot water, leavening agent and necessary amount of salt and mix. The dough mixing equipment is a product of the Chinese breed company and will serve you for a long time. The kneading process takes an average of 15-20 minutes. When the dough is ready, it is taken to a special table and put through the molding stage. If we have customers who do not want to do molding manually, we can also bring automatic molding equipment to order. After the loaves are molded, the next step is to cool them thoroughly. For this we need the following equipment:

Dough proofing cabinet

Dough proofing cabinet
Manufacturer China
Model Af-T7-32
Energy type Electric
Tension 220V
Electricity consumption 2,2kv/h
Weight 90 kg
Internal capacity 32 padnos
The size 1200*820*2060
Material SS 304

The dough proofing cabinet greatly contributes to the rise of the doughs by using the water shine. This process also takes an average of 15-20 minutes. Then we send our baked bread to the microcomputer oven.

A three-story, nine-pan furnace

A three-story, nine-pan furnace
Manufacturer China
Model AF-YCQ-9D
Energy type Electric
Tension 380V
Electricity consumption 24 sq/h
Weight 280 kg
Internal capacity Tokkiz padnos (padnos 400*600 mm)
Control panel Microcomputer
Bread capacity 108 pcs
Material SS304
The size 1810*833*1810
Temperature range 20С-400С

With the help of a microcomputer oven, we can cook at a temperature of 180-200C for 30-35 minutes. The oven that we recommend to you is microcomputerized and determines the heat level based on high accuracy, i.e. +/- 5 C. The oven has three levels and nine trays, and it has the capacity to bake 108 loaves of bread at the same time. Take the finished bread out of the oven and put it on a rack.

Electric scale

Electric scale
Tension 220V 50hz
Ability to lift weights 30 kg 
Screen LED
Internal battery Available

With an electronic scale, you can measure the weight of the dough before molding.

Electric samovar

During the kneading process, you will need hot water, so you can boil the water using an electric samovar.

Electric samovar
Energy type Electric
Tension 220V 50Hz
Sigimi 30 l
The size 420*280*700
Efficiency 30 l/hour


A table used in the molding process made of stainless metal

stainless steel sink


Mold for bread

Dough kneading equipment 25 kg 1 350$
Dough proofing cabinet 800$
Three floors and nine floors are late 1 800$
Electric samovar 150$
Electric scale 130$
The table is made of stainless steel 300$
The sink is made of stainless steel 250$
Rack for picking bread 450$
216 colips 520$
Total 5 750$ 

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