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With the development of the construction industry, a large part of the market of wall materials has been filled with lightweight concrete blocks. Today there are many types of them, but the most popular of them are foam blocks and gas blocks. Both are very popular with consumers. Using this opportunity, the company “AFEX-GROUP” recommends to you the production line of foam blocks. Let’s see what advantages the foam block has compared to other types of building bricks.


Available on backorder

Production technology of foam concrete blocks

To understand the physical properties of materials, it is necessary to know the technology of their production. All blocks of foam concrete are obtained by creating air bubbles in the concrete solution. The method of foaming and the composition of the mixture depends on the properties of the obtained blocks. The foam block we are interested in is produced based on this technology:

The composition of the foam block includes sand, cement, water, and plasticizers (the price of a special component with a penoobrazavatel-mixed foam is 14,000-20,000 soums/kg). Product manufacturing technology has several stages. With the help of special equipment, the mixture is prepared in accordance with the table below, it is poured into a special mold and after drying it is removed from the mold. Currently, ready-made foam blocks are sold in our country for 430-480 thousand soums per 1m3.


Bulk density kg/m3 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400
Sand(kg) 210 420 590 780 950
Cement(kg) 300 310 320 350 360 380
Water for mixing(L) 110 110 120 120 140 150
Water for foam (L) 60 54 46 42 35 28
Penoconcentrate (Peneobrazavatel) kg 1,5 1,3 1,2 1,0 0,9 0,7

Advantages of foam blocks
Accurate measurements. You can easily build walls without adjusting each element to specific parameters.
That you don’t need to be experienced to use Lego-shaped foam blocks;
Does not release heat. This helps to save energy for heating later;
Does not absorb moisture. Therefore, the building of such material does not require additional water protection;
Inside the house, unlike cinder block buildings, outside noise is not heard. For those who like to live in silence, the house of the foam block is perfect;
The lightness of each block. It is very durable and does not require an expensive foundation, there is no need to use special equipment to install the walls.
Foam concrete allows easy installation of cables and other communications.
Environmentally friendly product. Different safety for human health.

Another difference between foam blocks and cinder blocks is that, if we talk about the properties, the first ones are similar to ordinary bricks. But it is very cheap. Shipping will also be cheap. You can quickly build a house from such materials. The products are fully suitable for the construction of small private houses, houses or low-rise buildings.

If you liked this product, now we will introduce you to the manufacturing technology of this product in detail.

View of the equipment from different sides

Technical specifications:

Foam generator equipment
Produced China
Model FBM-12
Production capacity 12m3/hour
Vertical transfer height of mixture (MAX) 30 m
Horizontal Transmission Length(MAX) 80 m
Pressure force(MAX) 1.6Mpa
Output pressure force 1.2Mpa
Power consumption 7.5kw/h
Voltage 380v50hz
Size 1600*1200*1300 mm
Weight 900 kg


Convenience mixer
Produced China
Model FBMM-1200L
Material Metal steel
Power consumption 4.5 kw/h
Voltage 380v 50hz
Capacity 1200 L
Weight 230 kg

Screw conveyor
Produced China
Model SC-3M
Material Metal steel
Power consumption 1,5 kw/h
Voltage 380v 50hz
Screw length 3 m
Weight 90kg


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