Concrete block (slag block) production line


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Cinderblock is one of the most popular building materials. It is used not only to build houses, but also to build reliable fences and walls. Cinderblock is a building material that has proven itself as one of the most practical, reliable and durable materials. Due to the large size of cinder block (especially compared to ordinary brick), it significantly speeds up the construction time of certain buildings and structures.


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General view of the line

Automatic cinder block production equipment

Voltage 380V
Power consumption 27.7 sq
Forming speed for 15-20 seconds
Pad size 880x550x20 mm (bamboo)
Oscillation (vibration) force 65-75KN
Equipment size 3750x1600x2650 mm

Mixer for mixing raw materials

Voltage 380V
Power consumption 10,5 kw
Size 800L
Size 1500*1500*1300m
Weight 650kg



Tagging equipment

Voltage 380V
Power consumption 3kw
Size 2300*1770*2100mm
Weight 300kg

Molds can be changed according to customer’s request. The table below shows the standard size molds.

Name Mold size Number of molds Production capacity is 1 hour Production capacity is 8 hours
H1 400x200x200 mm 4 960 7680
H2 400x150x200 mm 5 1200 9600

Samples of molds

Additional equipment

  1. Belt conveyor
  2. Hydraulic system
  3. Delivery system
  4. PLC control
  5. Pad delivery system
  6. Stroller

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