Carpet washing equipment (automatic and semi-automatic line) AF-L013


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According to data, the share of services in the state economy in developed countries is 60-70%. Today, service and service business is widely popular among the business sectors in our country, and its share in our economy is increasing more and more. There is a sharp increase in the population’s turn to this or that service sector. Because by turning to the service sector, we will be able to save our most valuable time and a certain amount of money.

The “AFEX-GROUP” team offers you the automatic carpet washing line, which is one of the most demanding and profitable areas of service. It is known that in our country, carpets are washed at least once a year. Considering that there are at least 3-4 and more carpets in one house, you can have a good income by starting a business. If you take the carpets from the apartments yourself, wash them thoroughly using the line, dry them, and arrange the convenience of delivering the washed carpets back to the owners of the apartments, then your customers will increase even more.


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First, we start the work by cleaning the dust from the carpet. With the help of this equipment, the dust from the carpet is collected in a special bag. This machine prepares the carpet for the washing machine. A thoroughly dusted carpet ensures that less cleaning agents are used during the washing process and ensures maximum cleanliness of the carpet.

Carpet duster
Produced China
City Shanghai
Model AF-T5000
Carpet width max(m) 4.2 m
Electrical parts Schneider (Germany) brand
Conveyor speed 2 m/minute
Voltage 380V50hz
Power consumption 3 kw/h
Size 5000x1000x1600mm
Weight 1050 kg


After the carpets have been well-treaded in the carpet buffing equipment, they are washed in the automatic carpet washing equipment for washing. The place where the carpet washing equipment will be installed must have a water supply and sewage system. The equipment works automatically, and the rollers on the bottom control the smoothness of the carpet. It is recommended to change the shots every 5-6 months if you use them every day.

Automatic carpet washing equipment
Produced China
City Shanghai
Model AFG-4200
Voltage 220/380V50Hz
Engine power 13kw
Number of washers 4
Carpet width max(m) 4.2 m
Carpet washing speed 120m/h
Water consumption 30 kg/m
Electricity consumption 0.075 sq/m
Shot speed 3000 r.p.m
Size 3300x5000x2000mm
Weight 2100 kg


In the next step after washing the carpets in the automatic carpet washing equipment, the carpets are squeezed in a special water-squeezing centrifuge. Carpets washed with this equipment are better compressed in a rotating drum. The centrifuge equipment is made in a modern type, and the carpet is almost dry. it is enough to hang it for a while. A water connection is not required for this equipment, but a sewage system is desirable.

Carpet dewatering equipment
Produced China
City Shanghai
Model AFG-5000
Voltage 380V50Hz
Material Stainless metal
The maximum length of the carpet 4.2 m
Electrical parts Schneider (German brand)
Electricity consumption 7 sq
Size 5000x1000x1200mm
Weight 880 kg


If our new customers need more compact and less expensive equipment than an automatic line, then we offer the following manually operated equipment.



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