Bulldozer Shantui SD22


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The SD22 bulldozer is equipped with a hexagonal wetted cabin, which has a beautiful design, spacious appearance and convenient operation, as well as a high-power engine.


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Bulldozer SD 22 has hydraulic control technology, anti-rollover frame and advanced structure. Equipped with an advanced hydraulic drive system, it ensures reliable quality, convenient and flexible operation. The SD22 uses Shantui’s patented central lubrication technology, central pressure measurement and automatic track weighting, as well as GPS satellite positioning. The SD22 has a variety of options, including straight-bent, angle, half-U blades, single/triangle cultivators and mechanical augers, allowing it to adapt and work on earthmoving projects.

Technical parameter
Types of knives Straight bent Angular Half U
Min. earth push 405mm 405 mm 405mm
Earth pressure 0.077MPa 0.077MPa 0.078MPa
Min. turning radius 3.3 m 3.3m 3.3m
Rise 30 30 30


The engine of bulldozer SD22 is CUMMINS, operating weight is 24 tons, engine capacity is 162 sq.

Type Cummins NT855-C280S10, water cooling system 4 cycle, turbo compressor diesel
Rated power 165 sq
Number of cylinders 6-139.7×152.4mm
Replace the piston 14.01L
Min. fuel consumption 205g/kw*s





Power transmission system
Hydrotransformer 3 elements, 1 stage, 1 phase
Conductor Planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, hydraulically connected, forced lubrication
Main transmission Spiral cone gear, step lubrication, one-step speed reduction
Manual clutch Wet, multi-disc, spring, separated for hydraulics, hydraulic control
Handbrake Direct hydraulic connection
Final transmission 2-stage gear reduction, step lubrication


Bulldozer speed
Transmitter First Second Third
Forward 0-3.6km/h 0-6.5km/h 0-11.2km/h
Back 0-4.3km/h 0-7.7km/h 0-13.2km/h


Lifting system
Carrier rollers 2 on each side
Track rollers 6 on each side
Track type Assembled, one-step
Drive belt width 560 mm
Height 216 mm



Hydraulic system
The maximum pressure is 14Mpa
Pump type Gear pump
Output 262 L/min
The working cylinder diameter is 120mm*2



A bulldozer blade is a heavy metal plate on the front of a bulldozer that is used to push objects, such as sand, soil, debris (solid waste), sometimes snow, etc. There are different types of bulldozers to choose from depending on your specific project. The type of land you are working on, the type of project you are working on, and other criteria are key factors to consider when choosing a bulldozer. Choosing the right machine is critical to the efficiency and safety of your project.

Knife type Straight bent Angle Half U
Bulldozer power 6.4m3 4.7m3 7.5m3
Efficiency 330m3/s 245m3/s 365m3/s
Blade width 3725mm 4365mm 3725mm
Blade height 1315mm 1055mm 1374mm
Underground maximum access 538mm 535mm 540mm
Setting the maximum deflection >735mm >500mm >755mm
Knife weight 2830kg 3254kg 3419kg


Flat curved blade

This is the shortest type of blade and has no side bends or side fins. S-blades are often equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, which allows you to sleep more powerfully. Due to the correct shape, this type of knives does not allow you to carry heavy loads. It is best suited for work such as grading, trenching and stripping.

Angled knife

This type of blade is connected to the middle of the bulldozer panel. Its location is useful for moving debris sideways, as it has an angle of about 30 degrees to the left or right. Therefore, the angle knife is a double-edged blade. Be aware that this blade can spill because it has no side fins. It is an excellent choice for projects involving soft to medium-density soil, snow and gravel. The best jobs for bevel knives include gouging, shaping, stripping, and gouging.

Semi-U (S-U) blade

This blade combines the features of an S-blade and a U-blade, giving it greater penetration and overall versatility. It is narrower, less curved and has smaller side fins than a regular U-blade. This design makes it ideal for pushing soil over long distances. This blade is attached to the lower back of the blade using angle stabilizers and one or two hydraulic cylinders. It is better for pushing soft and medium density sand and soil. The best tasks for an SU blade include crowning, moving heavy material, prying and throwing.

The cultivator is purchased on an optional basis.

3-horn cultivator maximum digging depth 666mm
The 3-horn cultivator has a maximum height of 555mm
The weight of the 3-horn cultivator is 2495 kg
Maximum digging depth of 1-horn cultivator is 695mm
1-horn cultivator, the maximum height from the ground is 515mm
The weight of 1 horn cultivator is 2453 kg



A unicorn cultivator

Three-pronged cultivator


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