Water well drilling rig AFX-X3YX


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Deep water drilling rig is mainly used for geological exploration, hydropower, road and railway construction, construction project and large diameter water well project.


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Drilling equipment

Equipment amenities:

  1. The drilling rig is equipped with a wheeled walking mechanism and a hydraulic cylinder support, which is convenient for moving the whole equipment and easy to adjust the level of the drilling rig.
  2. By using the ball card holding mechanism to replace the chuck, it can realize non-stop stick, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
  3. There is an oil pressure feeding mechanism to improve drilling efficiency.
  4. The lifting and lowering tower is a hydraulic operation, which is convenient and reliable.
  5. The diesel engine uses electric start to reduce the labor intensity of the worker.

                                          Drilling equipment
Model AFX-X3YX
Drilling depth 600 m
Drilling diametric F75-F325
Drilling angle 90-75 degrees
Sludge pump (with 22 diesel engines) BW250
Size 2.9*2.56*3.3 m
Weight 2600 kg
Type of fuel Diesel
Drilling method rotation
Movement Comfortable



Diesel pump for use in drilling-BW250

Maximum pulling power 3000 kg
Cable diameter 12.5 mm
Towing speed 0.3-1.9 (m/s)
Roll size 65 m


Speed (r/min) 32-1057 
Diameter 600 mm
Drilling Bridge
Nominal load 18 t
Height 11mm


Drill pipe

Drill pipe
Diameter 60 mm
Length  4,2 m
Quantity 200 m


Pipe connector

The diameter is 80 mm, 48 pieces are needed.

Additional accessories:

Auger for sand and soil, clay – Diameter 220 mm, 2 pcs

PDC drill for stone – diameter 220 mm, 2 pcs.

Trikon bura – 220 mm, 2 pcs. Tricon burs are commonly used for a wide range of rock types, and are flexible from soft to very hard rocks.


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