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For many entrepreneurs, bulk ice cream business seems very interesting and profitable. Of course, this idea is correct, but the question of what to do to do this business in an area where there are many competitors is on everyone’s mind. There are aspects that should be paid attention to when delivering the goods to the buyer.

Be able to advertise your product well
Your point of sale should be concise and attractive to customers.
Never compete on price!
Try to give your customers more than they expect.
Your product may not be available elsewhere.


3 in stock

Now we ask you to pay attention to the last of the rates listed above, that is, the product you offer should not be nearby. We will answer the question of how to do this. The bulk ice cream machine that we offer you below is made specifically for points of sale and is adapted to work in places where customers are busy. If you are currently in the ice cream business, then it is time to replace your existing ice cream equipment with a new one. We will list the features of this custom-made equipment under the AFEX brand that will appeal to you.

The equipment is equipped with a Pre-cooling system. This system allows you to cool the milk smoothie bowl. We installed a separate Embraco compressor for the system to work flawlessly, and you can leave it with the equipment even at night. In our country, the temperature reaches almost +50C in the summer, and in such conditions, there is a high probability that the milk in the dairy compartment will turn sour if you don’t want it. And with our equipment, you don’t have to
Our equipment operates through an easy-to-use PLC control system. It’s time to move away from the outdated analog control system. Through the system, you can check the readiness of the mixture, the voltage level. you have the opportunity to know the cooling temperature, the amount of residual mixture in the cylinder.
AIR-PUMP system. This system may be unfamiliar to many people, because it is currently used in our country only in the latest models of ice cream equipment manufactured in Europe under the CARPIGIANI brand. What convenience does this system give you? The advantage of this part is that it mixes the ice cream inside the cylinder with air. First, the ice crystals will melt and your product will look brighter. The person who eats the product has the impression that the ice cream is softer and warmer. In addition, when air is added to the mixture, its volume increases significantly. Let’s say you made 20 pieces of ice cream from 1 liter of ice cream, this indicator will reach 25-26 pieces through the AIR PUMP system.
With 3 different milk storage compartments and 5 pouring points, you can use 3 different colors to produce 5 different looks.
The RAINBOW function allows you to make rainbow ice cream without wasting time and effort. This type of ice cream cannot be made by hand. The device also has a bottom compartment that you fill with a variety of chocolate and fruit syrups to pour over. And the equipment perfectly decorates the ice cream with the RAINBOW function. This news is sure to impress your customers.
We installed TECUMSEH 3hp (USA) compressors on the equipment by special order. If you pay attention, even the best Chinese milling machines used in our country use a 2hp compressor. We can fearlessly challenge our competitors with our milling equipment for fast cooling and energy efficiency.
The front, back and sides of the device are completely made of stainless steel, which will serve you for a long time.

You can get more detailed information from the infographic below. We want to show you what brand products are used in the interior of our equipment.

Freezer equipment for ice cream
Produced China
Model AFEX ICM 380
Power consumption 380v50xZ
Production capacity 4.5 kW/HOUR
No milk 65L/ HOUR
Pre-cooling system 3 pcs
Rainbow function There is
Air pump There is
Milk capacity There is
Cylinder internal capacity 7L*3
Weight 2L*3
Syrup storage bag 230 kg

The Tecumseh and Embraco brands have come together for one purpose in our equipment.

Below we have compiled some of the products you can release in one image to give you a better idea. Budna is even better and you can make ice creams of other shapes, it all depends on your creativity.


The video below shows you the recipe for pouring syrups. It is sucked from this part through a special pump and poured over the ice cream.

PRICE OF EQUIPMENT: $3800 (pick up in Tashkent from AFEX-GROUP LLC warehouse)

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