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Encouraged by the positive changes taking place in our country, the AFEX-GROUP company recommends the next compact vegetable oil production line from cotton seeds to you entrepreneurs. Until now, the production of cottonseed oil belonged to JSC “Uzpakhtayog”, and private entrepreneurs were not allowed to produce cottonseed oil. According to the President’s decision on January 17, 2018, now 27 highly liquid products are sold by monopolistic enterprises based on market principles only through stock trading. Among these products, the presence of seed products is also pleasing. Today, we will try to provide you with information about the cottonseed oil production line, which is one of the most popular products in our country. In our line that we recommend to you below, you will be able to produce edible cottonseed oil.

We can also add Extraction and Deporafining parts at extra cost according to customers request. Through this recommended line, you can also use other types of raw materials, including: sunflower pistachios, almonds. you will be able to get good quality oil from sesame etc.


1 in stock

Work area required for the project: 150 m2

Recommended storage area: 200 m2 and larger

Types of energy: Water and electricity

Total power consumption: 92kw/h

Number of employees: 4 people

Sewage system: required

Let’s first introduce you to the series of equipment:

A conveyor with a special screw that lifts the seed to the press

Seed roasting equipment

Special press for extracting oil from seeds (model 110)

Vertical pressure filtration equipment

Refining equipment including steam equipment (up to 2.5T per day in complete condition)

Oil UF sterilization equipment

Special stainless pumps for oil transportation 3 pcs

Equipment for inflating PET bottles for the product

A mini-computer laboratory for determining the quality of oil
Deparaffinization (vimorozka) equipment
PET bottle filling equipment

PET container capping equipment

Semi-automatic adhesive labeling equipment for PET containers

Paragenerator for the refining process

Air compressor 2 pcs

Now we will introduce the above equipment in detail for you.

A conveyor with a special screw that lifts the seed to the press

This equipment serves to release the seed into a special press. To prevent the equipment from clogging during operation, a special vibrator is installed on it, and it can also be used for powder products.

A conveyor with a special screw that lifts the seed to the press
Produced China
Voltage 220V50hz
Power consumption 1.1kw
Material SS208 stainless steel
Pipe diameter 110mm
Weight 190 kg
Lifting height 2.5 m


Seed roasting equipment

Production volume 300 kg/h
Power 1.5 Kv
Electric heating 30*1300w
Weight 410 kg
Size 2420*1200*1300 mm


Special press for extracting oil from seeds (model 110)

With our cold press oil press, you will be able to get 90-94% oil from the seed. The equipment is made of durable metal CR13, which will serve for a long time during operation. Using this press, oil can be extracted from sesame, sunflower pistachios, peanuts, almonds and other products.

Special press for extracting oil from seeds (model 110)
Produced by China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 15kw
Material Carbon metal and SS208 stainless metal
Model 110
Weight 680 kg
Production volume 250-300kg/hour


Vertical pressure filtration equipment

The inner part of the vertical high pressure filtration equipment consists of multi-stage filters, which is the oil filter used in the industry. With this filter, you get a high-quality product and high performance. The equipment is made of strong metal and the inner part is resistant to high pressure. Also, it is easy to replace the filters inside the equipment. The product meets the requirements in terms of quality and hygiene, because everything is done in a closed state without the human factor.

Vertical pressure filtration equipment
Produced China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 3kw
Material Carbon metal 
Model CPF-10
Weight 320kg
Production volume 300-400L/hour
Operating temperature 0-150С


Refining equipment with steam generator (500L at a time)

Refining and deodorizing processes are one of the main processes that determine the quality of this oil. below we will briefly explain to you what parts the equipment is made of and its function.

Refining tank – for oil degumming using hot water
Deoxidation tank – for neutralization using alkali
Bleaching tank – sand cleaning and bleaching
Vibrating filter- retains sediment products in the oil
Deodorizing Tanker- Eliminates unpleasant odors in oil
Steam generator – to heat the tank for the deodorization process
Filter – for final filtration before consumption
Catcher – to catch harmful substances
Tanker for hot water and alkali
Tanker for bleaching raw materials and residual product
To transfer from the pump-filter to the bleaching tank
Vacuum pump- To create a vacuum condition in the tanker
Control Panel

Refining equipment with steam generator (500L at one time)
Produced China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 59,55kw
Material SS stainless metal SS stainless metal
Model HLX-500L HLX-500L
Its weight is 2320 kg 2320 kg
Production volume 500L/time (8-10 hours) 500L/once (8-10 hours)
Operating temperature 0-150C 0-150C
Size 5200mm*1300*1450mm


Oil UF sterilization equipment

It is desirable to sterilize the oil before packaging. Prior to packaging in a chilled state, the sterilized part is directed to the packaging equipment.

Oil UF sterilization equipment
Produced China
Voltage 220v50hz
Power consumption 500w/h
Material 304 SS stainless metal
Weight 30 kg
Production volume 500L/hour
Operating temperature 5-60C



An air compressor is required for high pressure air necessary parts for the smooth operation of the equipment.

Air compressor
Produced China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 4kw/h
Material Carbonmetall
Weight 140 kg
Air output volume 826L/min
Operating temperature 5-60C
Size 159*59*98cm



We need special stainless pumps to transport oil through pipelines.

Produced China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 2kw/h
Material Carbon metal and stainless metal
Weight 70 kg
Oil output volume 1-800m3
Operating temperature 20-320C
Size 159*59*98cm
Lifting height 10-130 m



It is required to undergo quality control before packing the product every day. In this case, the probability of our entrepreneurs producing high-quality products is high.

Mini laboratory equipment for oil
Produced China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 0.2kw/h
Material ABS plastic
Weight 12 kg
Detection speed Max 2.4 kg/min
Operating temperature 20-320C
Size 320*240*180mm
Indicators 10 1mg water, ±0.2%; 1mg water, <±0.3%


Deparaffinization (vimorozka) equipment

Production volume 1000 kg/24 hours
Power 3.75 sq
Internal volume 500L
Vessel diameter 800mm
Material SS 304
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Theft 1250 kg
Size 5000*1200*2550mm



PET bottles remain the main packaging product for cottonseed oil and sunflower oil. To produce PET bottles, you need a PET capsule, which can be found in different regions of our country.

Equipment for the production of pet dishes
Produced China
Voltage 380v50hz
Power consumption 14kw/h
Material Carbon metal
Weight 1100 kg
PET container size Max 2 L MIN 0.33L
Speed of operation 800-1000 units/hour
Size 1630*620*1590mm/750kg
Capsule heating equipment 1780*570*1380mm/350kg
Additional parts Air compressor, 1 mold, air filter



When the baklashki are ready, they are filled with oil, the lid is closed and they are made into a finished product. The equipment can pour into bottles from 1l to 5l.

Equipment for filling and capping oil containers
Produced China
Voltage 220v50hz
Power consumption 500kw/h
Material SS304 stainless steel
Weight 280 kg
Pour size 1L-5L
Speed of operation 100-300 pieces/hour
Size 600*598*1300mm
Capsule heating equipment 1780*570*1380mm
Additional parts Air compressor



This equipment, which is one of the integral parts of the packaging process, attaches the adhesive label to the product itself. The equipment can label bottles from 500ml to 1.5l.

Labeling equipment for PET bottles
Produced China
Voltage 220v50hz
Power consumption 1500w/h
Material SS304 stainless steel
Weight 120 kg
Diameter 30-120mm
Speed of operation 20-200 units/hour
Size 600*598*1300mm
Height 15-200mm


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