Optical laser marking equipment


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Advantages of the equipment:

Small size: suitable for placing on the table;

Light weight: The weight of the equipment is only 20 kg.

Mainly used materials:

Metal, ABS plastic, epoxy, engineering plastic, etc.


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Laser source Max
Laser power 20W:18-19W; 30W:25W
Wave length 1064±4 nm
Light quality M<1.2
Repetition frequency 27.7Khz-62.5KHz
Pulse width 80-100ns
Marking width 110/140/170/200mm optional
Marking depth <2mm
Minimum character size 0.05mm
Accuracy of operation ±0.01mm
Cooling system Air cooling system
Power hungry <1000W
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Product size and weight 300*450*650mm, 20KG
Marking speed 0~400m/min
Labor force AC220V/50(60)Hz
Electric plug Euro, American, SANS, etc.

Equipment summary:

Part name Classification
Laser source Max 20W/30W
Management office Aluminum alloy panel
Galvanometer High speed galvanometer
Red indicator Double red indicator
Optical lenses Quartz
Marking software BeijingJCZ(original)
SMPS Taiwan Meanwell
Computer Industrial control computer
Lifting shaft Aluminum alloy linear guide rail
Work table 8mm aluminum alloy
Changing table Onpow
Cooling system Air cooling system
Accessories Toolbox, USB disk, etc.



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