Lavash dough production equipment

We all know that since one of the fastest ready-made, delicious types of food nowadays is considered “fast foods”, we offer our equipment that allows you to produce lavash dough easily, quickly and with reduced excess labor.


Dough press: you place the dough ball at the starting point of the process and it turns into a flat, round disc that is ready for the next step.

Conveyor belt or rollers: the flattened dough moves along the conveyor belt or along the rolls, which ensures the desired thickness and consistency.

Cooking mechanism: once the lavash dough is in perfect shape, it goes into the cooking stage.

Easy cleaning: a good lavash dough making machine is designed with easy cleaning in mind. Non-stick surfaces and removable parts make the dough preparation process easier.

Model AF-450YT
Working speed 600-900pcs/hour
Voltage 380v
Used material Stainless metal
Dough diameter 50-400mm
Dough thickness 0.4-3mm
Size 4700*850*1450mm
Weight 420kg
Capacity 16kyt
Raw material Dough
Production Lavash dough
Required space for equipment 40-50m2
Number of workers required
Suvta’minoti No
Gas supply No
Power supply Necessary

1 baking dish 2 output part of the dough
3 temperature control 4 management of Lavash dough parameters
5 dough check sensor 6 bottom Teflon belt
7 Hot pressure saucer: 8 Top Teflon belt
9 electric cooking system 10 cooling knover tape
11 top cooling coating 12 bottom cooling part
13 dry flour box 14 stainless steel shell




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