Extraction equipment

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Oil and oil come out of the oil pressing equipment. Extraction equipment is used to extract the 5-6% oil remaining in the kunjara. The extraction process is carried out using Hexane or Ethanol 95%. Oil is extracted from micelles by heating and vacuum. 0.5-1% of fat remains in the resulting meal. Since the extraction process is carried out using ethyl alcohol, the oil obtained from it can be consumed by refining and deodorizing. Ethyl alcohol quickly and completely evaporates from the oil. The equipment is fully equipped with anti-explosion shields and motors. Work to be done by the buyer for the extraction equipment:

  • Solvent (Hexane or Ethanol above 95%) storage tank and assembly pipes
  • Water for cooling and cooling tower or chiller for condensing
  • Water pump
  • Special space on demand for concrete construction and individual works


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Extraction and concentration equipment
Produced China
Model AX-3000
Energy type Electric
Voltage 380 v 50xz
Electricity consumption 5.5 kw/h
Weight 140 kg
Par pressure 10BAr (1 spa 200 kg/h)
The size 5000*700*2400 mm
Material Silence 304
Solvent Ethanol 95%, hexane, extraction gasoline


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