Color forming equipment for wall paints


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This equipment is used to anneal how much water-based emulsion (vodoemulsion) and color dye (Coler) can be mixed. With the help of equipment, it is possible to form all kinds of color for paint. The paints formed on the equipment come out in a clear and homogeneous color.


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Color casting equipment

After the color palette code is entered into this equipment, it is used to embed the specified color in the required amount of white paint.

Flow rate  900 ml / min
Efficiency  300 ml / min
Minimum stroke  1/384 and (0.077 ml)
Pump power 100 ml
Mixing speed  20 rpm
Voltage 220V/110v 50Hz / 60Hz
Capacity  100 W
Equipment size  720 X 895 X 1220mm
Equipment weight 120 kg


Automatic mixing equipment

This equipment serves for mixing paints using vibration.

Shake mode  Vibrating
Vibration time  60/180 / 300s (optional)
Maximum vibrating weight 35 kg
Vibration speed  680/720 rpm
Equipment size 775xusiates805xusiates1175 mm
Weight 215 kg
Voltage 220V / 110v, 50Hz/60Hz
Capacity 720 W



Color code recognition equipment

The equipment will specify a code for the selected color. This code is used in the above equipment.

Produced  China
Aperture measurement 4mm
Detector Silicon photoelectric  Diode
Light source  D65
Light source device  LED blue light
Storage capacity 100pcs standards and 20,000pcs samples
Lamp life 5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements
Power supply  Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V@3200mAh
Charging time 8 so at – 100% electric power
Box size 450 * 230 * 370 mm / 2.5 KG


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