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INFINITI FY3278N large format printer designed for industrial scale printing is the fastest model produced in Fei Yeung Union factory. Thanks to the Seiko SPT 510/50 Japanese printing press, the printer is able to print at a speed of 157 m² / s with a resolution of 360 dpi. The INFINITI FY-3278N printer is equipped with an improved ventilation system and three adjustable drying ovens, which allows you to get the finished product immediately.
Model FY-3278N
Print head Seiko SPT510 / 50pl
The number of heads is 4 heads
Resolution and print speed 157 m² / s in 2 passes
109 m² / hour in transition
91 m² / hour in transition
4 Passing 70 m² / hour
Prints 46 m² / hour in 6 passes
Material Width / Roll Weight 3200mm (125.98″) / 80kg
Type of materials used Paper, banner, mesh, film, etc
4 mm thick
Heating system 3 independent heating zones
Automatic material withdrawal and material rewrapping
Color model, ink type CMYK;
Cleaning system Automatic positive pressure cleaning system
USB2.0 computer interface
Power supply voltage 220V / 230V 50Hz / 60Hz. Power consumption 0.660 kw, including heating 1.9 kw
Environment 20-28C humidity 40%-60%
Photoprint / Maintop software
Printer dimensions, LxWxH, mm / net weight, kg 4600 x 970 x 1290/405


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