Tire nitrogen filling equipment AF-SD1


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Nitrogen filling is not yet a widespread method and many people do not use it. But it is good business if spread through good advertising. Due to the small number of this device, the price of one filling in our country is around 30-35 thousand soums. When filled with nitrogen, tires become much softer, due to the fact that nitrogen gas exerts less pressure on the surface compared to air. This is especially true in our conditions, where the pits on the roads are quite common in many places. This method will result in fewer parts going to your car. On the other hand, like air, there are no cases where the pressure drops in cold air and the pressure increases by itself in hot weather. the device we recommend to you separates nitrogen gas from the air itself. You can even sell the nitrogen gas collected with this equipment to 99% lysine food nitrogen packaging shops.


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LCD screen to display pressure

All tasks are done with a single multi-functional hose

Equipped with a high efficiency filter

Oil and water can also be suctioned out through the fully automatic suction unit

with two-stage filtering, you will achieve a long service life of the equipment

Equipment for filling tires with nitrogen
It is possible to use For light and small trucks
Voltage 220v 5hz
Nitrogen generator Advanced filter orca
Degree of purity 97-99%
Inlet air pressure 9~10bar, 130~145 psi
Required compressor 10bar/145psi, 1~1,5m3/min
Exhaust nitrogen gas pressure 1-6bar, 14~85 psi
Output Nitrogen gas volume 70~90l/min, 18,5~23,8 gallon/min
The size 72*52*141sm
Weight 110 kg
Nitrogen gas cylinder capacity 90l

Price: $1300 CIP Tashkent

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