Robot leaving washing equipment AFX-360E

This auto wash equipment will ensure that you get access to income in a short time, because according to the climate of Uzbekistan, cars will quickly get dirty, and this will greatly affect the profitability of Auto Wash, brushed Auto Wash, touchless auto wash equipment through its own service.


Producing state China
Required space for equipment 7700*3400*3100mm
Size 5500*2600*2000mm
Corridor length 6000mm
Working speed 6min / 1 PCs machine
Quick wash function 1min / 1 PCs machine
Type of management Automatic
Total capacity 17 kWh
Spray part pressure 80 bar
The total water consumption was. 220l / 1 PCs machine
All-Russian (mom) consumption 20-40ML/1 PCs machine
Total (foam) consumption 50-100ML/1 PCs machine
Air drying part 4 sets/5-5 kW (movable)
Water supply Necessary
Sewer system Necessary

Of the need for this business to be done

causes and advantages

The risk of scratches is reduced: since non-Touch Auto Wash Systems do not use brushes or fabrics that directly touch the surface of the car, the risk of scratches or twisting marks on paint objects is significantly reduced.

Efficient cleaning: high-pressure water jets and special cleaning solutions used in Touchless Car Wash make it possible to completely clean the outside surfaces of the car and can effectively remove other contaminants, providing complete cleaning in a relatively short time.

Minimal damage to car parts: unlike traditional car wash methods, which can accidentally damage external parts such as antennas, side windows, or glass cleaners, touch-free car wash systems reduce the risk of such damage.

Automatic toll system: this system allows you to accept payment without excessive labor. In doing so, you will be able to charge the payment and start the service by the consumer himself.


  • 304 stainless steel
  • Can rotate 360 degrees in 50 seconds
  • the number of spraying parts is 17
  • 4-pack 12kW air dryers ensure the car’s quick construction
  • Pressure Force 80 bar

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