High speed bun production equipment line

This equipment is made up of different parts, and they consist of 10. This allows you to produce ready-made bread and buns, and maximizes the speed and efficiency of operation.


Model  AF-470J
Voltage 380v
Used material  Stainless metal
Production volume 200-1000 PCs / so at
Total capacity 94 kW
Raw materials Flour, water, oil, sugar …
Production Buns and various bakery products
Necessary space for equipment 80-120m2
Number of workers needed 3-4
Water supply Necessary
Gas supply No
Power supply Necessary



Automatic dough mixing equipment



Model Paper size
Size 130 l
Maximum mixing capacity 50 KG
Mixing speed  210/107 RPM
Power 2.8 / 5.6 kW
Voltage 380V
Size  1222X750X1430 MM
Weight  522 KG
Function Automatic dough mixing




Avtomatik xamirni aylantirish uskunasi

               Model YC330
               Size  15 KG
               Power 1.8 kW
               Voltage 380V
               Size  110*90*120 SM
               Weight  400 KG
               Function  Automatic dough rolling



Automatic dough splitting equipment



Model  YC331
Source of performance  Electra
Power   1 kW
Voltage 220/380v
Size 243*64*116 SM
Weight  200 KG
Function Automatic dough splitting

Automatic horizontal roll coating equipment


Model YC868
Size 10-100 PCs / min
Product weight  10-1000g
Power  2 kW
Voltage 220/380v
Size 350*92*175 SM
Weight  800 KG
Function Automatic horizontal roll coating




Filling equipment


Model YC309
Power 1 kW
Voltage 220/380V
Size 40*50*120 SM
Weight  100 KG
Function Fill



Automatic vertical cutting equipment



Model Paper size
Size 10-120pcs / min
Product weight 10-180g
Power 0.5 kW
Voltage 220/380v
Size 178*50*100 SM
Weight 120 KG
Function Automatic vertical cutting



Automatic tray leveling equipment


Model YC166
Size 10-150pcs / min
Product weight 10-200g
Power 2.1 kW
Voltage 220/380v
Size 168*128*162 SM
Weight 450 KG
Function Automatic tray check



2 compartment bun dough resting equipment


Model YC564
Size Tagging 2 to 64 is his
Power 6 kW
Voltage 220/380v
Size 1800*960*2140mm
Weight 400 KG
Function Storage of finished products




Rotating electric oven 64 tray (with 2 compartments)


Model  YC730
Size 200 Vol.
Power 74 kW
Voltage 380V
Size 2270*3225*2740 mm
Weight  2750 kg
Function Baking ready-made pastries





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